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11 of the Best eCommerce Facebook Groups for Storeowners

Frank Jackson, 11/28/2018,

Making connections is the name of the game for any growing entrepreneur. If you want to make it in this wide world, you can’t go in alone.

Think about it! Why beat your head against the wall trying to solve a problem when tons of others have already gone through (and solved) that exact issue? Why not take advantage of their knowledge and do some networking in the process? Make some friends, find some mentors, and help a few newbies of your own?

Well, by joining Facebook Groups! Specifically, groups built around sharing all the best information out there on eCommerce, business, and online stores.

List of the Best eCommerce Facebook Groups to Join

Below, you’ll find a list of eleven of the best of these Facebook groups, ranging from up and coming groups to industry titans, along with anything from Shopify specific groups, to groups on copywriting, advertising, marketing, and blogging. All of these groups have something vital to offer on your eCommerce journey, and are a great place to make some friends and earn some mentors in a variety of business related topics.

Depending on the type of eCommerce business you’re running, you can rest assured that at least one of these groups will fit your needs perfectly. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it!

1. Cener eCommerce Masterminds

With nearly 40,000 members and led by one of the best entrepreneurs in the eCommerce business, Justin Cener, you can’t go wrong joining this Facebook group!

You’ll find tons of information here, both on the general best practices for running an eCommerce business but also on specific types of businesses and marketing activities. Drop shipping, Shopify, sales funnels, influencer marketing, Facebook ads, and more! Justin is considered one of the best people to learn from when growing your eCommerce business, so this isn’t a group you’ll want to sleep on.

2. King Pinning

If you aren’t already familiar with it, King Pinning is an excellent closed Facebook group you can apply to join. Boasting over 30,000 members, you won’t need to worry about a lack of information here. You can find anything from business tricks and tips, to gathering announcements or marketing advice, and you’ll have plenty of space to ask questions as well.

It’s a great place for networking, and because of their selective membership, you won’t be spending your whole time filtering through spam. Better yet, you’ll have access to some real geniuses in the industry. Overall, this is a great space for finding other like-minded entrepreneurs and business people to add to your network!

3. A Better Lemonade Stand

Next up we have A Better Lemonade Stand. Beyond the fun and quirky name, this is a great Facebook group where you can find anything eCommerce related you might need! This group was founded to help bring business owners, industry insiders, and eCommerce junkies together, and it has certainly succeeded in that mission!

Better yet, you can find a huge variety of discussions and topics, anything from managing content, handling Google AdSense or Facebook Ads, perfecting your SEO, handling suppliers, product launches, materials, various platforms, and more! This is a great starting place for someone unsure of exactly what advice they’re looking for.

4. Digital Marketing Questions

While a more niche Facebook group, Digital Marketing Questions is no less important in the broader eCommerce sphere, because what business owner or entrepreneur doesn’t need to understand digital marketing?

If you’ve ever felt lost in the massive sea of marketing advice on the internet, check out this Facebook group first thing! You’ll find both marketing experts and newbies, along with tons of helpful tips and tricks to get you closer to maximizing your results. Even better, you’ll have tons of opportunities to network with other marketing gurus on the web and meet beginning entrepreneurs to collaborate with!

5. Ultimate Blog Challenge

While some people are mixed on the benefit of running a blog to draw traffic to your eCommerce store, many swear by it as the best way to build credibility, loyalty, and a cohesive brand. All of which is tremendously important. If you’re considering jumping into the blogosphere, you may be on the right track!

But with that said, how do you handle SEO, content production, writing, brainstorming, keyword research, and more? Well, this is the Facebook group with the answers! This group is specifically geared towards those looking to build a popular blog to help promote their eCommerce business, giving support for all of your questions as well as a great place to share your posts and generate traffic!

6. The Facebook Ads Group

While a somewhat niche group, the Facebook Ads Group is the perfect place for online business people and entrepreneurs looking to get more out of their ad spend. With over 38,000 members all looking to perfect their Facebook advertising technique together, you can’t go wrong if you need advertising advice.

Whether you’re a business owner or a total advertising newbie, this group is a great place to learn the ins and outs and master the most popular platform in the world to grow your business!

7. Shopify Entrepreneurs

Coming in at a whopping 53,000 members, Shopify Entrepreneurs is one of the best places to go if you’re a dedicated Shopify enthusiast.

Anything you need to know about being a Shopify store owner, manager, developer, designer, or marketer you can find here! That’s the biggest strength of this group. The amount of diversity, the wealth of great information, and the networking opportunities make this Facebook group an amazing place for Shopify related advice, tips, and tricks. Better yet, you may be able to snag some bonus Shopify offers, to make the deal even sweeter!

8. Copy Monk

Of course, any eCommerce business owner or entrepreneur knows the importance of copywriting. From ads to blog posts to social media, you have to know how to write, and write persuasively. If you’re struggling with this (or if you’re a bona fide master and want to share your expertise with us plebeians), then Copy Monk is a great Facebook group to go to!

Here you’ll learn tons of tricks for increasing conversions and creating memorable, sharable content that helps get your message out to the world. The copywriting veterans in this group are happy to provide you with all the tips and trick you’ll need to become a copywriting titan yourself, and it’s also a great place to collaborate with other newbies in the field!

9. eCommerce Elite Mastermind

Another popular Facebook group, eCommerce Elite Mastermind is built on the idea of generating as much revenue as possible and turning your online business into a wild success; essentially, every business owner’s dream!

In this group of over 35,000 people, you’ll find tons of people sharing their eCommerce journey, along with advice for using Shopify and Magento. Any question you might have about the most popular eCommerce platforms for selling, advertising, and connecting with your customers, you can find an answer to here! This is a great general, all-purpose group to join if you’re just starting out.

10. Leads Traffic & Income Access

Returning to a niche group, the Leads Traffic and Income Access Facebook group is meant to help you increase your store’s marketability and reach. It’s all about traffic, and here you’ll find tons of people offering their personal business stories, along with advice, feedback, and unique tricks to building your business and increasing your customer base.

If you struggle to secure the number of customers you need (something we’ve all faced at one time or another), then this is the Facebook group to check out!

11. Grow and Sell

Last but certainly not least, we have Grow and Sell, another eCommerce Facebook group dedicated to growing your brand and your customer base as your business takes off!

You’ll find some great ideas and best practices, as well as a chance to connect with other up and coming eCommerce entrepreneurs. This is an ideal space for sharing business success stories, seeking feedback, asking for help, and offering up your own personal expertise. There is a focus on the Shopify platform, but even if you prefer another popular platform, there is space for you in this group. They don’t discriminate, and they always welcome new voices!

Your eCommerce Mission!

Now that you’ve reviewed this list, we have a mission for you.

You’ve spent hours, maybe even weeks, researching the best ways to seek advice from eCommerce industry leaders, and now you’ve turned to Facebook groups as a possible option. Great! You’re one step closer to getting the insight you need to create a successful business.

Now comes the time to take action. Before today is over, before you leave this site to go scroll Instagram or fuss with your analytics page, check out at least two of these Facebook groups.

If they’re members only, put in an application, and if they’re open to the public, shoot someone a message or reply to a comment. Introduce yourself, ask a question, and let people know about your personal eCommerce journey.

After doing so, you’ll be well on your way to growing your skills and turning your business into the best it can be!

Are you a member of any great Facebooks groups I missed? Comment below and share!

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