The Most Profitable Print on Demand Products to Sell This Holiday Season

by Gooten Editorial Team on Sep. 15, 2022

For print on demand sellers, the holiday shopping season is one of the most pivotal stretches of the entire year. With the right strategy in place, you can capture the attention of online shoppers, upsell or cross-sell your top items, and give yourself a big revenue boost to close out the calendar year.

One of the most consequential aspects of your holiday 2022 strategy should be determining the right products to highlight. This might mean singling out the most profitable and holiday-ready items in your catalog, or enhancing your inventory with some brand new items.

The question is, what are the most profitable print on demand products to highlight during the holiday shopping season? The answer may vary from seller to seller, but we can offer a few general recommendations.

Top Print on Demand Products for Holiday 2022

1. Ornaments

One seasonal product that always goes over well is the custom ornament. You probably don’t feature ornaments at your print on demand store year-round, but it’s well worth including some among your holiday options.

Why? Because ornaments make the perfect gift for holiday gift exchanges at work, at church, or among extended family members. And print on demand ornaments allow shoppers to customize their ornaments, ensuring that they’re selecting a gift that will be fairly original.

2. Wall Calendars

Speaking of personalized gifts, wall calendars also make good additions to your holiday 2022 lineup.

Again, these are great, relatively inexpensive items that tend to work well at gift exchanges, as they can be both decorative and also functional. Of course, the holidays come right before the start of a new year, which means your customers will be due for new calendars of their own. The bottom line? Custom wall calendars make a fine addition to any print on demand shop.

3. Mugs

Many print on demand sellers offer custom mugs year-round. Even so, we recommend highlighting them or even discounting them during the holiday 2022 shopping season. Give your buyer every incentive to add a mug to their shopping cart.

Why? Simply put, everyone can use a new mug. You can really never have too many mugs in your pantry, especially not high-quality mugs with original designs. Mugs make great gifts for any holiday, not just Christmas but Father’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and beyond.

All of that to say, if you’re looking for a profitable way to expand past custom apparel, personalized gifts, like mugs, make a great option. 

4. Wall Art

More generally, custom wall art can be a great addition to your print on demand catalog.

After all, a nice piece of art can make for a really striking and personal gift. The problem is that fine art prints can be a little bit expensive, whereas the more affordable hangings that you find in big box stores tend toward the generic.

Print on demand wall art occupies a good middle ground, allowing you to offer something original and high-quality that’s still very affordable to holiday gift-hunters.

5. Pillows and Blankets

One final consideration: Offer your print on demand designs on cozy pillows and throw blankets.

After all, the holiday shopping season coincides with a turn toward colder weather, with long afternoons spent in the company of family and friends, and with a general desire to feel safe and cozy as another hectic year comes to an end. All of these factors make pillows and blankets popular gift items.

Consider adding them to your print on demand lineup for holiday 2022, and you may just decide to keep them on the menu throughout the winter season.

Offer Personalized Gifts at Your Print on Demand Store

‘Tis the season for print on demand sellers to make holiday plans. And a big part of that means choosing the right items to highlight. Use our recommendations here as a jumping-off point.

Of course, if you have further questions or need a reliable print on demand partner to ensure holiday 2022 success, Gooten is here for you. We’d love to chat more about options for personalized gifts and seasonal custom apparel. Reach out to us to ensure a successful holiday season.