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Photos are a great way to preserve happy moments - you enjoy taking them and you enjoy looking at them later. Give them a nice home in a top quality hard cover photobook where they’ll be protected and safe. Made from quality #100 Gloss Text paper type, with a matte or gloss finish, because we know how much your memories mean to you. Wipe clean with a damp cloth and let it air dry.

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Cover Type
Image Wrap
Paper Finish
Glossy, Matte
11.5x8.5 inch
Page Count
20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80
Material or Use
Paper type is #100 Gloss Text.
Care of
Wipe clean with a damp cloth and let it air dry.
Production time
4 days

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HardcoverBook-ImgWrpCover-115x85-100#GlossPaper-Glossy-20 $17.19
HardcoverBook-ImgWrpCover-115x85-100#GlossPaper-Matte-20 $17.19
HardcoverBook-ImgWrpCover-115x85-100#GlossPaper-Glossy-30 $20.67
HardcoverBook-ImgWrpCover-115x85-100#GlossPaper-Matte-30 $20.67
HardcoverBook-ImgWrpCover-115x85-100#GlossPaper-Glossy-40 $24.15
HardcoverBook-ImgWrpCover-115x85-100#GlossPaper-Matte-40 $24.15
HardcoverBook-ImgWrpCover-115x85-100#GlossPaper-Glossy-50 $27.63
HardcoverBook-ImgWrpCover-115x85-100#GlossPaper-Matte-50 $27.63
HardcoverBook-ImgWrpCover-115x85-100#GlossPaper-Glossy-60 $31.11
HardcoverBook-ImgWrpCover-115x85-100#GlossPaper-Matte-60 $31.11
HardcoverBook-ImgWrpCover-115x85-100#GlossPaper-Glossy-70 $34.59
HardcoverBook-ImgWrpCover-115x85-100#GlossPaper-Matte-70 $34.59
HardcoverBook-ImgWrpCover-115x85-100#GlossPaper-Glossy-80 $38.07
HardcoverBook-ImgWrpCover-115x85-100#GlossPaper-Matte-80 $38.07
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