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  • We have two separate sample policies, one for General users and one for Shopify users:

    General Sample Policy

    When you purchase a sample product, Gooten will refund you for that purchase once you place your first real customer order for that same product.

    • The ship to address must be a customer address and not your own

    You the partner order samples of:

    (1 qty) 50x60 fleece blanket

    (2 qty) 8x10 framed prints; one in white wrap and one in black wrap

    (1 qty) 11x14 canvas wrap

    You then submit live customer orders for:

    (1 qty) 50x60 fleece blanket

    (1 qty) 8x10 canvas wrap

    (1 qty) 11x14 framed print

    Gooten will refund you for:

    • The fleece blanket in your sample order
    • One of the 8x10 framed prints
    • The 11x14 canvas wrap

    Shopify Sample Policy

    If you are a Shopify partner and have connected 3 different products to the Gooten platform for either a mug, phone case, or apparel product, you are entitled to a free sample. In order to receive the sample(s) please email and inform them that you have created 3 of the above products, and our support team will create your sample order.


    You connect 2 t-shirts, 3 mugs, and 3 cell phone cases to Gooten through Shopify;

    You then email partner support informing them of the products you’ve connected, asking for samples of the connected products, and providing them with an image of what you want printed;

    You are eligible to receive:

    1 Mug sample

    1 Phone Case sample

    If you want a sample t-shirt you would need to connect 1 more t-shirt product to your store in order to meet the minimum of having 3 of those products connected

    Include in email to partner support:

    • Partner order number + sample order number id

    • Customer order number + order number id that corresponds to the same product sample

    • How you paid so we can refund you

    Email within 30 days of your live customer orders being placed.

  • Currently we offer the ability to customize the following email fields:

    • Order Status Page
    • Support Email Address
    • Confirmation Subject Template
    • Shipping Subject Template
    • Legalese
    • Use Full Order Id

    Soon we will offer full email template customization.

    Templating Syntax

    At Gooten our emails are templated using Mustache, a lightweight syntax for simple templating. You can read more about Mustache here:

    The simplest way to use Mustache is to include variables like this: {{variable_name}}.

    Mustache allows conditional rendering, i.e. when a value is not available, a larger part of the template can be prevented from rendering. This is practical for optional parameters.

    Variables Available in Emails

    There are many variables available for us in email templates and in email settings:

    • BusinessName: The name of the partner
    • LogoUrl: a url pointing to an image of the partner logo
    • OrderId: The full order ID for this order
    • OrderStatusUrl: A url to check the status of the order (e.g. shipping information)
    • SupportEmail: The email address to contact the company’s support team.
    • OrderTotal: The total the order amounted to, consisting of:
    • ItemsTotal: The sum of all purchased items
    • DiscountAmt: The amount deducted from the OrderTotal
    • Tax: The amount of Tax applied to the ItemsTotal
    • ShippingTotal: The total shipping cost
    • BillingAddress
    • FirstName
    • LastName
    • Line1: Address Line 1
    • Line2: Address Line 2
    • City
    • State
    • PostalCode
    • CountryCode: A country code (e.g. “U.S.”)
    • ShippingAddress => equal to BillingAddress (see above)
    • Shipments: A collection of shipments
    • Index: The index of the shipment described (computed)
    • ShipmentCount: For a given shipment, the number of items (computed)
    • TrackingNumber: A shipment provider’s tracking number
    • TrackingUrl: A url pointing to a website where the shipping status can be inspected
    • Items: The collection of items/products in each shipment
    • ProductName: The name of the product
    • ImgUrl: A url pointing to the image of the product
    • Sku: The stock-keeping-unit for the product
    • Price: The displayed product price
    • Quantity: The quantity enumerating the product purchased
    • ShipPrice: The shipping price for this product
    • ArrivalDate: An estimated shipment arrival date for the product.
    • Legalese: A legal disclaimer (e.g. copyright information)
  • How much you got? One of the benefits that separate us from our competitors is our ability to purchase in bulk, so whatever your needs are, we’re positive we can match. Our API is scaled to handle a near infinite number of requests, and our vast network of manufacturers enables you sell as much as you can without ever running out of stock.

  • Webhooks allow our partners to receive automatic notifications when events happen in our system. It allows a loosely coupled system-to-system integration via standard HTTP POST requests.

    Webhook Setup

    To get started with webhooks, you must build a handler that receives the webhook requests from Gooten. This handler must accept the HTTP POST requests from Gooten and take any desired actions with the content.

    To sign up for webhooks, enter the address of your webhook handler in your notifications page in the Gooten site. An example of a webhook handler address is:

    Our backend will send POST requests that look like:

    Webhook Content

    Webhooks fire each time an order item is updated. All webhook content is details of an order and all of it’s order items. Most importantly, each order item has a status attribute that tracks it through the status lifecycle from ‘new’ to ‘delivered’.

    Sample Webhook Content

    { “Id”: “7-501853e1-8d78-4e1e-83a0-be9fb432efe1”, “NiceId”: “Magic7-501”, “Items”: [ { “Sku”: “TabletCase-GalaxyNote10.0-Matte”, “ProductId”: 58, “Product”: “Tablet Cases”, “Quantity”: 1, “Status”: “New”, “TrackingNumber”: “9400115901344442556597”, “TrackingUrl”:””, “Price”: { “Price”: 25.5, “CurrencyCode”: “USD”, “FormattedPrice”: “$25.50”, “CurrencyFormat”: “${1}”, “CurrencyDigits”: 2 }, “DiscountAmount”: { “Price”: 0, “CurrencyCode”: “USD”, “FormattedPrice”: “$0.00”, “CurrencyFormat”: “${1}”, “CurrencyDigits”: 2 } }, { “Sku”: “TabletCase-GalaxyNote8.0-Gloss”, “ProductId”: 58, “Product”: “Tablet Cases”, “Quantity”: 1, “Status”: “New”, “Price”: { “Price”: 22.8, “CurrencyCode”: “USD”, “FormattedPrice”: “$22.80”, “CurrencyFormat”: “${1}”, “CurrencyDigits”: 2 }, “DiscountAmount”: { “Price”: 0, “CurrencyCode”: “USD”, “FormattedPrice”: “$0.00”, “CurrencyFormat”: “${1}”, “CurrencyDigits”: 2 } }, { “Sku”: “WovenBlanket_50x60”, “ProductId”: 101, “Product”: “Woven Blankets”, “Quantity”: 1, “Status”: “New”, “Price”: { “Price”: 45, “CurrencyCode”: “USD”, “FormattedPrice”: “$45.00”, “CurrencyFormat”: “${1}”, “CurrencyDigits”: 2 }, “DiscountAmount”: { “Price”: 0, “CurrencyCode”: “USD”, “FormattedPrice”: “$0.00”, “CurrencyFormat”: “${1}”, “CurrencyDigits”: 2 } } ], “Total”: { “Price”: 108.91, “CurrencyCode”: “USD”, “FormattedPrice”: “$108.91”, “CurrencyFormat”: “${1}”, “CurrencyDigits”: 2 }, “ShippingTotal”: { “Price”: 15.61, “CurrencyCode”: “USD”, “FormattedPrice”: “$15.61”, “CurrencyFormat”: “${1}”, “CurrencyDigits”: 2 }, “ShippingAddress”: { “FirstName”: “Alina”, “LastName”: “Magicworld”, “Line1”: “Bittersweet St. 67, appt.#37”, “City”: “Bittersweet”, “State”: “AL”, “CountryCode”: “US”, “PostalCode”: “548912”, “Phone”: “80507894586”, “Email”: “” }, “BillingAddress”: { “FirstName”: “Alina”, “LastName”: “Magicworld”, “Line1”: “ “, “City”: “ “, “State”: “ “, “CountryCode”: “US”, “PostalCode”: “654812”, “Email”: “” } }

  • Our platform is made up of several tech products that fit into three core areas including a demand-side stack, a core platform stack, and a supply-side stack.

    Our Demand-Side stack consists of front-end technology clients that allow our demand side participants to provide commerce to their customers or manage their own easy ordering and fulfillment of products. These technology clients sit on top of our API.

    Our core Platform stack consists of an Order Management System, a Content Management system, an Order and Data Dashboard, an Email and Communication Engine, and a Micro Services Collection. This stack allows our platform to support multiple data entry points, multiple participant types, and creates a conveyor that manages all orders through each automated step in the process, allowing for automated order fulfillment with full transparency and control.

    Our Supply-Side stack consists of a collection of Vendor API Integrations, a Logistics Framework, an Image Manipulation Engine, and a Data Interoperability Engine. This technology stack allows our supply-side participants to receive data automatically and in the correct format and data model.

  • There are various roles that can be attached to a single user to give them access to various parts of the site. On the Team settings page (Under Settings -> Team), partners can customize the access levels for each member of their team.

    The current roles available are:

    • Admin: Grants read, view and edit access to all partner settings pages under ‘Settings’
    • Customer Support: Grants read, view and edit access to Order listing, order details, add orders and coupons pages.
    • Reporting: Grants read view and edit access to reports, dashboard, order listing, order details, and all coupons pages.

    All new users start with the full set of permissions when they register.

    Need another role type? Contact and let’s talk about what you need.

  • We offer two different types of email support to our partners:

    • Basic Email Customer Support
      • Cost: Free of Charge
      • Dedicated Support
        • 14 hours of daily customer support
        • Status of order
        • Tracking
        • Questions about orders
        • Login issues
        • Address change
        • Any vendor related questions
        • Misprints/Reprints of order
    • White Labeled Email Support
      • Cost: Contact for information on pricing and full details on services
      • Analytics and customer satisfaction surveys provided monthly
      • Fully branded white labeled so your customers believe your customers are directly contacting a member of your company
      • Includes all the benefits of our basic email customer support package as well
  • There is no minimum order commitment. We print on-demand, and you don’t pay until after an order has been submitted.

  • Once you create an account you are able to see prices for every product and choose which ones you want to offer. Simply login within the admin panel and you can check prices by clicking the Product Catalog tab. Since we have relationships with a wide range of manufacturers, on average our prices are 40% below those of our competitors.

  • Gooten is an online custom print fulfillment service that also provides drop shipping worldwide. You send us your orders that need to be printed, we handle the production, the fulfillment and the logistics.

    Just as companies like Airbnb connect travelers with lodging, and Uber connects drivers with passengers, Gooten connects businesses with manufacturers. We solve the logistical headaches so you can concentrate on growing your business. We can help you source new products, identify new trends, run promotions, track analytics on purchasers/repeat purchasers, and many additional benefits.

    Gooten offers an intuitive API, iOS and Android SDKs for white-labeled print sales, a Shopify App which seamlessly automates product fulfillment, and B2B direct sales of merchandise and promotional products.

  • What you want to charge and how much margin you are going to make is entirely up to you. The amount you want to charge for your product can be found within the Product Settings tab from your admin panel.

    With Gooten, you won’t need to hold any inventory. That means there will be no debt or overhead to worry about. We offer our partners low wholesale prices and as a result, you can increase your profit margin on the markup.

  • Products are pushed into production within 24 hours of placing your order. Production time is usually a maximum of 4 days, and shipping time is varied depending on the products you order and the shipping method selected. Those details will be given to you in the product description as you add products through your admin account.

    Once an order goes out for delivery, you can view from your admin account which items are still out for delivery, which have shipped, and which have been delivered. This is done directly from the Orders page, and from there you can search by status.

    Our system provides as much transparency as possible and we have a dedicated Support team to ensure you and your customers have an outlet that quickly responds to any requests or issues.

  • The Gooten platform is completely free. There are no setup fees, and we only charge for the products that are ordered and manufactured.

  • You have the opportunity to completely customize orders with your branding. It’ll look like the product came directly from you, and customers will have no idea another company is even in the picture.

    We offer white labeled branding for free if you do over $25,000 a year. This includes a return address label with your name, address, email, phone and logo if available by vendor along with a packing slip with your logo.

    Partners that process below $25,000 a year in goods will generally be grey labeled. This means all packages ship with a general name that does not tie back to any specific business. Example: Print Shop or Print Lab or Printed Product. Please note that the return address will default to the vendor or our corporate office.

    *Note: Not all products may be available for this service. Contact for details.

  • CSV ordering uploads allow you to quickly submit orders without checking out one-by-one. Our site expects:

    • A CSV file
    • The first row is headers and is ignored
    • Each row includes a separate order item
    • Each order item submitted will be included in the same order

    The template requires the following columns (in this order):

    1. ReferenceOrderNumber: Your reference number for this order. If you don’t have internal order numbers, you can use a placeholder (e.g. 1000)
    2. ReferenceOrderItemNumber: Your reference number for this order item. You can use a placeholder here as well.
    3. ShippingMethod: The shipping method used for this order, please use ‘Standard’. We will add additional shipping methods in the future.
    4. FirstName: The first name of the recipient for this order.
    5. LastName: The last name of the recipient for this order.
    6. ShippingLine1: The first address line for this order .
    7. ShippingLine2: The second address line for this order.
    8. City: The city for shipping this order.
    9. State/Province: The state/province for shipping this order.
    10. Zip: The zip/region code for shipping this order.
    11. CountryCode: The two-letter country code.
    12. ShippingEmail: The shipping email for this order item.
    13. ShippingPhone: The shipping phone number for this order item.
    14. FriendlySKU: The SKU of the product being ordered. You can find this in the Products -> Sku Prices section of your admin.
    15. OutputURL: The URL of the image to use for this product. If the product requires more than one image, like a double-sided product, include all of the urls for the product on the same line via url1;url2;url3. No spaces are allowed.
    16. Quantity: The quantity of this SKU you would like to order in this item.
    17. ThumbnailURL: An optional field that contains the URL of the thumbnail image for this order item.
  • Please ticket/create issues in the correct github and our API developers or appropriate team members will answer your questions or fix any issues ASAP! Also we’re happy to connect you to the accurate team members via email if needed through

    • OrderNumber: The unique ID for to track this order.
    • OrderItemNumber: The unique ID for to track this order item.
    • Date: The date this order was received by, formatted as YYYY-MM-DD
    • Time: The time this order was received by, formatted as HH-MM-SS
    • PartnerOrderReferenceNumber: The partner reference number assigned to this order
    • PartnerOrderItemReferenceNumber: The partner reference number assigned to this order item.
    • FirstName: The first name of the customer on the order’s shipping address
    • LastName: The last name of the customer on order’s shipping address
    • ShippingAddressLine1: The last name of the customer on order’s shipping address
    • ShippingAddressLine2: The last name of the customer on order’s shipping address
    • City: The city entered on the order’s shipping address
    • State: The state entered on the order’s shipping address
    • Zip: The Zip/postal code entered on the order’s shipping address
    • Country: The country entered on the order’s shipping address
    • ShippingEmail: The shipping email entered on the order’s shipping address
    • Phone: The phone number entered on the order’s shipping address
    • Sku: The SKU (stock-keeping-unit) that was ordered in this order item
    • Quantity: The number of these order items purchased
    • OrderStatus: The current status of this order item. Items’ statuses can change as they flow from receipt to production and delivery.
    • ShipmentId: The shipment ID for this order item. A single customer order may be delivered in different shipments and this identifies items that were shipped together.
    • ShippingDate: The date this order item was shipped.
    • ShipmentTrackingNumber: The tracking number to get information about this order items shipment
    • ShipmentTrackingURL: The URL to view details of the shipment on the shippers site (e.g.
    • OrderSource: The front-end platform and version that placed the order, for example android14 or widget102
    • CouponCodeUsed: The coupon code applied to this order. Limit 1.
    • DiscountAmt: The actual discount amount applied to this order, in original order currency.
    • Currency: The currency the customer paid in.
    • OrderTotal: The total cost to the customer for the entire order, in the original currency.
    • PaymentMethod: The method that the customer paid for the order, for example: paypal, credit card, etc.
    • CustomerItemCost: The cost to the customer for this specific SKU
    • PartnerItemCost: The cost to the partner for this specific SKU
    • CustomerShippingCost: The cost to the customer for shipping and handling
    • PartnerShippingCost: The cost to the partner for shipping and handling
    • PartnerTotalItemCost: The total cost of this order item to the partner
    • CustomerTotalItemCost: The total cost to the customer for this order-item, including item cost, shipping, tax and the value of coupons applied.
    • PartnerItemProfit: The profit made by the partner for this item, calculated as CustomerTotalItemCost - PartnerTotalItemCost
    • CustomerTotalOrderCost: The total cost of the order to the customer.
    • Comments: A collection of comments and timestamps made on this order item.

    Please reach out to with any questions.

  • Our orders are fulfilled by our high quality manufacturing partners. We attempt to manufacture and fulfill orders by partners who are local to the recipient if possible, and ship items quickly to your customer. Some specialty items are shipped internationally to ensure we meet the highest quality standards.

  • We work with a collection of the world’s major shipping partners to control the cost of shipping each item to your customers. We continue to source geographically diverse vendors to decrease the distance of shipping. Shipping prices are calculated by our system automatically and added to your customers order before checkout.

  • If ever there is a mistake in the printing or an item is damaged during shipping, we would simply need visual proof or a form of documentation sent to us. We will issue a reprint, and ship that to your customer at no additional cost to you. In cases where your customer has an otherwise general complaint, it would be at your discretion if you choose to issue a replacement order to your customer. However, in those instances our cost to you for printing and delivery will still need to be met.

  • We charge for the product cost + shipping. There are no setup or monthly fees associated with Gooten. Payment options are based on the checkout payment platform implemented:

    Shopify / API / Manual Order Form

    For orders through these platforms, you accept payment from your customers, and your account is secured with Gooten through a credit card which is charged at the time of order. Based on volume, credit terms can be extended. Please contact for questions about obtaining a credit application or approval.

    Widget / SDK / Mobile

    Through these platforms, the checkout is powered by Gooten, with customer payments accepted via all major credit / debit cards as well as PayPal. On a bi-weekly basis, Gooten directly pays partner profit, which is the net proceeds from your customers less partner costs (product, shipping and transaction costs). Partner profit payouts are done via ACH or PayPal.