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All-Over Print T-Shirts

Download our templates for an easy way to get started.


Creating Artwork in Photoshop or other image editing software.

You can use our universal Template for sizes Small to 3XL. Our 4XL template is slightly larger so you may want to create two different versions of your artwork if you have text or other centered design elements within your file. If you’re creating an all-over pattern or design simply use the 4XL artwork size and it can be utilized on all T-shirt sizes.

Ensure the “background” of your design fills the entire dartboard, while any text or important elements stay within the safe area.

Important Notes

  • This product is not cut-and-sew so you may see slight imperfections in the print around the seams and armpit area.
  • For best results design your product in CMYK, but save out your PNG/JPG as sRGB.
  • For more information about the product, click here.


You can download the image template here.