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Fleece Blankets

Save your artwork as JPG or PNG files & 150dpi. Download our templates for an easy way to get started.


Recommended Art File Specifications

For more product info follow this link.

Creating Artwork in Photoshop or other image editing software.

Start by preparing your canvas to be the same size as the print specs for the product you’re designing for. Use 150 dpi and select RGB as color mode.

Set your canvas in photoshop. Choose 150dpi (resolution).


Our super soft Fleece Blankets are 100% polyester, feature hemmed edges, square corners and are printed on one side. The fiber length is longer resulting in a higher pile that is the same texture on the front and back

Due to the nature of this material colors show up more muted on this product so it is not the best selection if you want bright bold color saturation since white is often likely to show through the printed color.

Design Expectation: Some white may show through when fabric is pushed against the pile.

Remember to...

  • Follow the right specs for your product
  • Keep important design element like text within the safe area
  • Consider the 187.5 px bleed area
  • For best results design your product in CMYK, but save out your PNG/JPG as sRGB.
  • Save your image as 150 dpi
  • Save your image as PNG or JPG (max size)