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Save your artwork as JPG or PNG files & 150dpi or bigger. Download our templates for an easy way to get started.


Best practices

When creating a pajama, we recommend going for patterns that can work in any direction, such as the examples below:

If you have artwork that goes in a specific direction you’ll need to adapt the direction of the artwork on the back leg sections for Women's sizes L, XL,XXL and Men's sizes XS, S, L, XL, XXL. We’ve marked these on our templates, so make sure you have these at hand.

Creating Artwork in Photoshop or other image editing software

Open our templates on Photoshop or your preferred editing software. Place your artwork filling the entire canvas. Delete (or hide) the Guides layer and save your artwork as JPG or PNG.

If your artwork works bidirectionally, you can create one artwork file using print specs for the largest size you plan on offering at your store. You may want to create different versions of your art if you plan on offering all sizes of pajamas and your artwork only works in one direction.

Important Notes

  • Patterns and full-bleed images usually turn out the best.
  • Exact placement and pattern alignment is not guaranteed.
  • It’s not possible to perfectly align patterns or images from front to back.
  • For best results design your product in CMYK, but save out your PNG/JPG as sRGB.