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Wall Calendars

For more product info follow this link. Save your artwork as JPG or PNG files using the print specs below. You can download our PSD and JPG templates for an easy way to get started.


Creating Artwork in Photoshop or other image editing software.

Set up your print area according to the px size requirements listed. Or utilize our templates. If you open our PNG files in photoshop you can place your design below the template layer. Or you can create your own calendar designs from scratch.

If you are utilizing our illustrator templates, we have a flattened version and unflattened in case you want to use the file as a base to create your own design.

To save high resolution artwork directly from illustrator export your dartboards as 300dpi JPG or PNGs.

There is a small hole near the top of the print area for hanging your calendar. Keep important design elements like text away from the very top if it’s important to clear the hole punch.

Important Notes

  • Cover and inside pages are all the same paper type.
  • All pages are printed on individual pages, on the front only
  • In the Product Creation Tool in the Gooten App, utilize the “upload artwork” button underneath the SKU name to be able to upload all your artwork files at once.
  • For best results design your product in CMYK, but save out your PNG/JPG as sRGB.


You can download the image template here.