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Woven Blankets

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Recommended Art File Specifications

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Creating Artwork in Photoshop or other image editing software.

Set up your print area according to the size of blanket you’d like to create. If you plan on offering multiple sizes, use the largest print area to create your artwork.

Set up your guidelines in photoshop at 2 inches from the border, so you can be sure any important design elements, like text, are inside those guides. This area is where the threads are frayed around the edges.

Save your artwork as an RGB, JPG or PNG file at max file size.

How it prints

Unlike dye-sublimation or direct-to-fabric print processes, woven throw blankets utilize solid colored yarn combined with black and white yarn to achieve the 195 possible color combinations applied to your photos or graphic designs. For photography, the software and colors can create a pleasing woven rendition of most photographs. Graphic designs can be much more challenging to produce.


  • Choose photographs of people, pets, places, or things
  • Use images featuring contrasting colors
  • Use images that contrast light and dark
  • Use images that will look good when viewed at full size (50”x60”) at 150dpi
  • Use large, bold text in your designs
  • For best results design your product in CMYK, but save out your PNG/JPG as sRGB.


  • Choose images featuring hot, bright, or vivid colors
  • Use images using gradients
  • Expect to match colors exactly
  • Expect similar colors to contrast well
  • Use large color fields in your designs
  • Use thin or small text in your designs