Use our built-in store integrations to automate fulfillment with Gooten, or build your own with a powerful API.

Why connect your store?

Fulfillment doesn't have to be hard — in fact, it doesn't have to be work at all. Simply connect your store or marketplace to Gooten, and our technology will take care of everything so you can focus on growing your business.


When connected, Gooten automatically processes, produces, and ships orders without needing you to do anything.


People make mistakes that Gooten's automated fulfillment doesn't — and that means happier customers.


Connect as many stores and platforms to Gooten as you'd like, and manage everything from one place.

How Gooten integrations work

See how Gooten integrations make automated order fulfillment simple.

Available Integrations

Gooten offers a wide variety of ways to connect to your store, marketplace, or ecommerce platform, no matter where it is or how it works.


Shopify powers over a million businesses around the world, and integration is as simple as adding the free Gooten app to your store from the Shopify App Store.

Learn More About the Shopify App


Gooten’s Etsy integration meets their strict requirements for on-demand, third party manufacturing, and makes it easier than ever to manage your store.

Learn How to Connect Your Etsy Store


Although WooCommerce is an open, self-hosted platform and as a result, we're only able to offer limited support for our integration, by popular demand we've made it available to try!

Get the Gooten plugin for WooCommerce

The Gooten API

From mobile applications, to video games, to advanced customization scenarios, our technically-inclined partners use Gooten to build e-commerce scenarios you’d never realized were possible.

Learn More About the Gooten API