Quality Assurance

The steps we take to ensure consistently good results for Gooten partners.

Your store's product quality is our business.

On demand manufacturing can add a whole new world of challenges when it comes to consistently producing high-quality products. But that’s not news to us — we’ve been working with many of the best on-demand facilities in the world for years. That’s why Gooten is designed to minimize errors and ensure quality at every end of the process, from order submission, to production, to returns and reprints.

Fix errors before they matter.

From product creation tools that warn you of low resolution print files, to automatic correction of common image mistakes, Gooten helps eliminate user errors that become bad products.

Product Management Features

Ensure manufacturers get what they need.

The manufacturers in the Gooten Network are integrated with our API, so they get standardized order information every time. That makes orders easier to process, and easier to get right.

The Gooten Network

Let Gooten keep a close eye on your suppliers.

Gooten's experienced manufacturing professionals do regular quality audits of every product in our catalog, and our networked approach lets us move business to high performing suppliers.

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Print on demand isn't easy, Gooten just makes it feel that way.

Individually fulfilling thousands of orders every day one by one isn't easy, but at Gooten we're proud of our low error rates and commitment to making things right. That's why we're able to offer all of the benefits of on-demand production, with low error rates and outstanding pricing. On-demand may never be perfect, but with Gooten it's getting better every day.

What's different about POD?