The Gooten Network

Gooten partners rely on our network of high-quality manufacturers to fulfill thousands of orders each day.

Gooten is about great results.

The Gooten Network is a combination of manufacturers, technology, and policies designed to give our partners the best possible results when it comes to the price, quality, and reliability of their on-demand merchandise.

In other words, the Gooten Network is how your products are made.

What’s different about the Network?

Here at Gooten, we’ve found that partners are often disappointed with the results that come from either of the two main approaches to on-demand manufacturing.


The same company that manages your orders does the actual manufacturing themselves. This can be great when you first get started, but at a certain size, stores start to struggle with the constraints of a single provider.


The company that manages your orders only connects you to individual manufacturers. This gives you more control over the manufacturing of your products, but also puts all your supply chain decisions directly on you.

Gooten gives you the best of both worlds.

With the Gooten Network, you get many of the benefits of these two approaches, with a lot less of the problems. That’s because while Gooten gives your business access to multiple high quality suppliers for many supported products, you aren’t required to decide who to work with — that’s our job.

That lets us route orders dynamically, through the most efficient path based on what an order is, what it needs, and where it’s going. And when a manufacturer fails to meet our standards, we automatically move your orders to someone who does, and if things don’t improve, we simply remove them from the network altogether.

We put manufacturers to work for you.

  • Gooten’s internal experts take on supply chain decisions and manufacturer management.
  • Our technology routes each order individually based on its needs, which keeps prices and shipping time down and provides infinite capacity.
  • We advocate for our partners when there are quality problems or other fulfillment issues, and with the size of our business, manufacturers listen.
  • It’s easy for Gooten to add or remove suppliers from the network, and our in-house team is constantly re-evaluating its performance.

Get the benefits of a complex supply chain, not the work.

With the Gooten network, you get great results the same way the world’s most successful companies do — by having plenty of high quality options, and leaving the hard work of optimization to a team of experts with advanced logistics technology.

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