Gooten Manual

A collection of helpful articles to help you use Gooten

Customer Payments

With Gooten you can accept payments from your customers in two ways:

  1. Accept payments through Gooten’s accounts
  2. Directly accept payments from your customers using your own accounts

You can see your currently selected option in your Settings -> Checkout section in Admin. To change your settings, you’ll need to contact us at


Option 1: Using our Paypal and Braintree Accounts

This means Gooten accepts all payments on behalf of your customer.

  • Typical payout options are done via check, ach wire transfer or paypal.
  • Gooten will pay out the partners the difference between the set customer prices and the partner prices.
  • Payment Terms: 30 days post month closing.
  • This option is recommended if you are paying Gooten to handle white labeled email customer support for you. It will allow Gooten to:
    • Set up policies and boundaries with you on refunds and partial credits
    • Have easy access to send receipts if needed
    • Handle everything faster, removing partners as the middleman

Option 2: Using your own Paypal and Braintree Accounts

This means partners accept all payments on behalf of your customer.

  • Partners will need to work out individual terms with Gooten based on your predicted volume and based off your credit terms for payback payment terms.
  • You the partner must fill out a Credit Application form and discuss terms before anything is approved.
  • Typical payout options to Gooten are done via check or ACH wire transfer. If you want to pay via Paypal; you the partner are responsible for paying any and all Paypal fees.
  • The partner will pay out Gooten the partner price for all products ordered and shipping.
  • Payment Terms: Due on invoice, Net 10, Net 15 (based on credit approval). Initial orders with Gooten must be prepaid ahead of any credit terms being established.

Please contact for questions about obtaining a credit application or approval.