Gooten Manual

A collection of helpful articles to help you use Gooten

Image Errors

When an image is uploaded, there are a few things to consider to ensure the highest quality prints on your products. Some possible issues that can occur include:

  • Image Ratio Mismatch (most common error)
  • Small Image Size
  • Wrong number of input images provided (some SKUs require more than one image, e.g. for images on front and back)
  • We accept only jpg, png and tif/tiff images

Gooten has automatic warnings to let you know when the image is not the recommend resolution or aspect ratio. You can view our Product Specs spreadsheet for a complete lists of recommended image sizes.


  • Image Ratio Mismatch
    • The image’s aspect ratio doesn’t match the requirement for the product selected. The ratio can differ at most 1% from the required aspect ratio for the specified SKU
    • The image may be improperly cropped or stretched if the ratio is incorrect


  • Small Image Size
    • The image is smaller than the recommended resolution
    • The image may be stretched or blurry when printed