Gooten Manual

A collection of helpful articles to help you use Gooten

Refunding Orders

Depending on how you’re handling Customer Payments, refunds can be handled differently:

  • If Gooten is collecting money from your customers (usually orders placed through Widget, iOS or Android App), you’ll need to:
    • Email and ask them to issue a refund for your customer.
  • If you are collecting money from your customers (usually orders placed through API, CSV or Simple Order Form), you’ll need to:
    • Refund your customer directly
    • Email to make sure you won’t be invoiced for the order

Gooten may not always be responsible for issuing the refund and we may invoice you based on the refund reason.

There are certain situations where the partner is responsible for covering the cost of a refund.

  1. If the issue is due to a bug in Gooten’s admin panel, Gooten is responsible for the refund. (accidentally upcharging for an item)
  2. If the product issue is due to an error on the partner side, they are responsible for the costs.
  3. If the customer is simply unhappy with order, it is up to the discretion of partner to provide a refund or reprint, at the partner’s cost.
  4. If the issue is due to a fault of the vendor, and a customer is unhappy with the product he/she recieves, Gooten is authorized to reprint and send the original item at no cost to the customer. The vendor will compensate Gooten. Reasons for reprint include but are not limited to:
    1. Wrong Item Sent
    2. Wrong Size Sent
    3. Product Scratched
  5. If the product has already shipped, international and domestic shipping costs will not be refunded. It is up to the discretion of the partner to refund the customer at their own cost.
  6. If the shipment has been delivered, but the customer claims not to have received the item, proceed as follows:
    1. Verify the customer’s shipping address
    2. Ask the customer to look around their entire property, and ask neighbors if they received or took in the package
    3. It will be the responsibility of the partner to pay Gooten to handle reprints
    4. The end customer is ultimately responsible for International customs charges if they occur.

How long does it take?

  • If the order was paid through PayPal, the refund process should take no more than 48 hours.
  • If the order was paid with Credit Card, the refund should appear within 5-7 business days.


  • If Gooten is handling Customer Payments, please email for the refund receipt or refund transaction ID number.