Gooten Manual

A collection of helpful articles to help you use Gooten

Order Billing

In the Billing tab, you can see details of the order’s pricing, as well as a breakdown for each order item.


  • At the top, you see a summary of:
    • Partner Costs - The amount the order costs you to purchase
    • Customer Costs - If you’ve entered your customers’ prices for the products purchased, you’ll see how much you charged them
    • Partner Profit - Your profit: your customer’s payment minus your costs
  • Each section includes a sum for:
    • Total Items cost
    • Total Shipping cost
    • Total Cost
  • The Customer Costs section also includes Customer Payment info:
    • Payment Method
    • Revenue Collected by the Partner

Cost Breakdown for each order item:


At the bottom you’ll see individual costs for you and your customers for each order item. If the customer used a Coupon, you will also see how much the coupon was worth under Customer Discount