Gooten Manual

A collection of helpful articles to help you use Gooten

Order Status

In the Order Status tab, you have the ability to change the status of one or more order items within an order.

  • Note: If an order has gone into production or been Cancelled, you’ll no longer be able to change the status. Rather than updating the status of a Cancelled order, you’ll need to ReOrder it.

Before an order has been sent into production, you can update its status to Hold or Cancelled.


  • Hold
    • You might put an order on hold because a customer has contacted you and wants to make some changes to their order.
  • Cancelled
    • You might cancel an order if you need to give a refund or if a customer changes their mind about an order before you’ve captured payment for it.

If an order is already on hold, you’ll be able to reset the status to New or Cancelled.


  • New
    • Resetting the status to New changes the order as though it was just submitted by a customer.