Gooten Manual

A collection of helpful articles to help you use Gooten

Platform Availability

Not all products are available to order across all of our platforms, from manual methods to our tech platforms. We’re constantly striving to make all products available across all of our ordering options. To check which platforms a product is available on, look under the Platform Availability column in the Products tab of your Admin.


The Icons you see here represent our different technology platforms. When an icon is present next to a product, that means it is available to order through that platform.

Tech platform Icon
Android SDK
JavaScript Web Widget
Apple iOS SDK
CSV and Simple Order Form

Non-tech platforms:

  • CSV Bulk Ordering: All products that Gooten offers are available to be placed via CSV order.
  • Simple Order Form: To view the products that are available, go into the Simple Order Form:


From the form, select the Product Category, and then the Product Name to see which products are available.


After you’ve chosen your appropriate category, choose which specific Product you’d like to order.