Gooten Manual

A collection of helpful articles to help you use Gooten

Products Intro

  • In the product section of your admin, you can see details about which products Gooten has to offer, edit individual product settings, set customer prices and enable / disable specific SKUs.


  • You can choose to view all products available through Gooten, view only the products you are currently offering, or view only those you’re not actively offering.


  • By default you will have access to all of the available products Gooten has to offer, but they won’t yet be activated in your account. To learn how to activate them, see Adding Products.
  • In the Product section of your Admin panel, the overview provides 6 bits of information about each product type:
    • Currently Offering - whether or not you’re currently offering this product in the available platforms,
    • Image - a thumbnail to give a visual representation of the product,
    • Product Name - the name of the product offered,
    • Category - the category under which the product falls (will affect how it appears in the JavaScript Web SDK),
    • Platform Availability - the platforms through which this product is accessible.
      1. API
      2. Android SDK
      3. JavaScript Web SDK
      4. iOS SDK
    • Starting At - this is the lowest possible price available for the given product. Prices may differ depending on your customer’s location and product availability.


View our Product Catalog for a detailed glance at all of our products.