Gooten Manual

A collection of helpful articles to help you use Gooten

Detailed Reports

In the reporting section of your Gooten Admin, you’re able to export a CSV of detailed information about your previous orders and order items.


When exporting order items, you’ll be able to choose from 30 order statuses and 37 fields of detailed info. When exporting orders, you’ll be able to choose from 28 fields of information.

  • First select the date range you’d like to view orders from
  • Choose from 30 order statuses


  • Choose from 37 available columns of order item detail, or 29 details for orders
Property / MeasureDefinition
OrderNumber The id number of the entire order
OrderItemNumber The id number of the specific order item
Date The date the order was placed
Time Time the order was placed in GMT -0400
PartnerOrderReferenceNumber This is the ID number for partners who submit their own IDs with orders (can be whatever you choose)
PartnerOrderItemReferenceNumber This is the partner ID for the order item (can be whatever you choose)
Sku The SKU of the order item
Order Status The order item's current status
ShipmentId An internal Gooten ID
ShippingDate The date the order item was shipped
ShipmentTrackingNumber The tracking number provided by the carrier for the order item
ShipmentTrackingURL The URL where you can track the order
OrderSource The tech platform by which the order was submitted
Currency Which currency was used to purchase the item
PaymentMethod Method used to purchase the item
CouponCodeUsed This shows which Coupon Code was used (if there was one)
DiscountAmount Discount applied by any coupon used
PartnerItemCost The amount the Item cost you, the partner
CustomerItemCost The amount you charged the customer
PartnerShippingCost The amount shipping cost you, the partner
CustomerShippingCost The amount your customer paid for shipping
PartnerTotalItemCost Partner Item Cost + Shipping Cost
CustomerTotalItemCost Customer Item Cost + Shipping Cost
CustomerTotalOrderCost Item and Shipping costs for all items in the Order
PartnerItemProfit CustomerItemCost - PartnerItemCost
MetaInfo Metadata for the item