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Share your pricing terms and we will match or beat your current provider’s prices when you switch to Gooten.


Switch to Gooten and lower your costs.

If you sell any of the following products and sell an average of 500 orders/month, then we will match the pricing terms of your current on-demand provider. 

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Terms & Conditions: The applicant must agree to get on a phone call with a sales development representative or a partnership manager to finalize the offer. The applicant must submit an invoice (or any proof) from their current print-on-demand provider with the cost of any or all of the above-mentioned products. The invoice can not be older than 6 months. The applicant must have proof of 500 or more orders per month. This offer excludes discontinued products, liquidations, limited discounts, and bulk rates of existing products at competitors. 

This offer applies to new or old Gooten partners that have had no active orders in the last 30 days.

Case Study
How this apparel company reduced operating costs by 20% with Gooten

In 2017, a large online t-shirt retailer came to Gooten in order to outsource their entire apparel production operation.

They had initially opened their own printing center, but quickly discovered that they weren’t able to focus on growing their brand while managing the day-to-day logistics of a manufacturing facility.

We worked with them to transition their business to a hybrid fulfillment model. For orders over a certain quantity, we screen print them. For the rest, we utilize direct to garment (DTG) printing and drop ship the orders to their end customers so that the business could remain inventory-free. This hybrid process allows them to capture the best cost structure for bulk products that sell all year round while still offering new, trending products in a risk-free way. 

Throughout our partnership, they took advantage of our white label customer support program—allowing them to completely outsource all operations to Gooten so they could focus full-time on marketing and growing their sales.

After switching to Gooten, the business saw a 20%+ reduction in operating costs and was able to operate sustainably for the first time in company history.

The business later expanded into new products beyond apparel, leveraging our broad catalog and growing their base of loyal customers.

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What Partners Say About Us

“I wanted a partner who was going to make it easier to scale. As a dispersed company, Gooten simplified the management of our clients’ business, reducing the elements of complexity.”

One Live
Andy Martel

“Gooten allows us to scale quickly without wasting time and money on setting up physical infrastructures. Being global means we can quickly enter new markets in a scalable, environmentally friendly way."

Art Al
Eyal Fisher

“With Gooten, I'm able to spend more time designing and less time dealing with the logistics of printing and shipping. Having a third party fulfill my orders takes a huge chunk of work off of me.”

Puff Paper Co.
Zuan Zhou

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