Getting Product Preview Image

Submit an image (or images) to be rendered into a product preview.

It takes a single argument - ProductPreviewRequest - which is a JSON that needs to contain the following data:

  • MaxHeight - max height of the resultant image. Defaults to 500px
  • MaxWidth - max width of the resultant image. Defaults to 500px
  • SKU - SKU of product
  • Template - template name of product
  • Images - array of Image object. Each Image must have following properties defined:
    • Url - url of image
    • MaxFit - fit image to area true/false
    • X1 - left coordinate of image
    • X2 - right coordinate of image
    • Y1 - top coordinate of image
    • Y2- bottom coordinate of image


This request yields following response:

    "Url": "",
    "SpaceId": "619C8"
  "HadError": false

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