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Kiss Cut Stickers

kiss cut stickers

Recommended Art File Specifications

2.65 x 3.635” 525 x 725 px
3x4” 825 x 1125 px
5.25x5.25” 1575 x 1575 px
5.25x7.25” 1575 x 2175 px
5.6x8.5” 1680 x 2550 px
9.8x14” 2940 x 4200 px
Safe Zone: Leave 25px, around the edge, clear of artwork to account for slight shifting during the printing process
PPI: 72ppi – 300ppi (for best printing, we recommend 150ppi or higher)
File Format: .PNG
File Size: 150 mb
Catalog: For more product info follow this link

Creating Artwork in Photoshop (or other image editing software)


Create your document sized to the specifications above with a transparent background.


Place your individual stickers into your document with at least 1/4” space between each item. You can have as many individual stickers on each sheet that fit on the page.

It’s recommended to create and save individual stickers as high resolution image or vector file first, then place them into your sticker sheet document sized to the specs above. That way you can move around your individual stickers and ensure there is enough space in between elements.

You can use this tutorial to learn how to create a transparent layer and manipulate images within the document.


If your design includes type, you should connect the individual letters with a color or white background to ensure they are grouped together in one sticker. An easy way to do this in Photoshop is to add a stroke to the outside edge of the text layer.

How it Prints


Each sticker sheet is printed on adhesive paper, then laser cut around the individual elements.


The manufacturer will add a 1/8” white border around each sticker.

Important Notes

  • Separate stickers with at least 1/4” transparent space
  • Allow 25px around the edge to ensure none of your stickers get cut off during printing.
  • You can include as many stickers that will fit on the size you select
  • Each sheet within the pack can have a different artwork file. For example, a 25 pack of stickers could contain over 100 individual sticker designs.
  • If you want a group of separate elements to be included in one sticker, connect the elements with a white background in whatever shape works best for your design.