Print on Demand for Custom Merch

Whether you’re an influencer, talent manager, or agency representing various brands, Gooten has everything you need to launch a successful merchandise line.

Talent Managers

Diversify your talents’ revenue streams with products that loyal fans will love. Amplify brand presence and increase your bottom line.

Personal Brands

Capitalize on your online influence through branded merchandise that displays your unique catchphrases, illustrations, or artwork.

Retail Management

Manage your brand relationships in one single platform. Whether it’s between license holders, in-house artists, or guest designers you can easily customize your perfect mix of collections.

Corporate Gifting

From conferences to company wide events to CSR initiatives, merchandise is a great way to further drive brand affinity.

Entertainment Agencies

Build awareness and loyalty for your clients by creatively promoting new and old film and TV entities through licensed products and items guaranteed to drive brand awareness and profits upwards.

Merch is making waves in eCommerce
Here's why you should take notice

Long are the days where merch makers are associated with a band selling shirts on a fold-up table after a show.

In 2019, US consumers spent over $50 billion, on merchandise in the music, media, entertainment, and gaming industries. From production companies using merch to promote their latest movie releases to TV personalities selling personalized merch to build audience engagement, merchandise has become an essential part of any brand’s marketing and promotional strategy. 


Manage your merch with ease

In a matter of minutes, you can connect Gooten to your existing store and experience the benefits of an automated smart supply chain. Never worry about entering information, printing, packing, or shipping orders again. Manage orders from our centralized order management system and let our platform do the rest.

Unlimited stores and SKUs

Manage unlimited stores and products across different platforms from a single tool. With 150+ quality products and the flexibility to source new products, we are confident you will never run out of options for your business.

Flexible yet reliable options for your licensed products

Bring your customized product ideas to life with the Gooten API, giving you the flexibility to create custom tech stacks. Our integrations are designed to be moulded and connected across multiple platforms that work seamlessly together for your brand. Route orders and deliver products to consumers across the globe, without ever having to see any inventory.

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