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Print-on-Demand Youth Clothing

Gooten is building the most robust apparel assortment in the print-on-demand industry. In addition to our adult garments, we offer an array of clothing pieces for youngsters. If you’re catering to consumers of all ages, you’ve come to the right spot.

We provide enterprise and mid-market eCommerce businesses with a wide-ranging selection of high-quality youth clothing:



These custom youth apparel models are a curated collection from renowned apparel brands, securing fabric and print quality, softness, breathability, and trendy garment designs for the little ones:


Gooten’s print-on-demand youth clothing is suitable for toddlers and grade schoolers, available in a rich palette of solid and heather colors, allowing your on-demand store to capture a broad target audience.


Print-on-Demand Sweatshirts Printing Techniques

Gooten’s approach to creating our Custom Youth Apparel involves utilizing direct-to-garment printing, a cutting-edge technique:

Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing is an innovative process where specially formulated inks are directly applied to the fabric, allowing the fibers to absorb them. Review our comprehensive guide for a detailed understanding of what you can anticipate from DTG printing.


Materials Best Suited for Print-on-Demand Young Clothing

Gooten’s Custom Youth Apparel boasts a diverse array of carefully curated fabrics, encompassing cotton and polycotton blends, to guarantee exceptional durability and print quality.


Open-End Cotton
Open-end cotton originates from a spinning method of twisting yarn using shorter fibers. In contrast to alternative techniques like combing and ring spinning, open-end spinning is a cost-effective, high-speed production process that yields a textured, robust fabric.


Ringspun Cotton
Ringspun cotton represents a specialized manufacturing approach that enhances the quality of cotton. This technique involves continuous yarn spinning, twisting, and thinning, resulting in extended, velvety threads that produce a durable, exceptionally soft fabric with improved breathability. This process ensures a smoother texture and eliminates impurities from the cotton.

Check out Comfort Colors 9018!


Open-End vs. Ringspun Cotton
While both open-end and ringspun cotton have their merits, the latter is well-suited for DTG printing due to its smoother texture, resulting in crisper, higher-quality prints. Ringspun cotton is also prized for its softness, which enhances the overall quality of the T-shirt.


Polycotton Fabric
Polycotton blends are a prevalent choice in print-on-demand, as most fleece materials combine cotton and polyester. Cotton provides breathability, while polyester bolsters durability, abrasion resistance, and wrinkle recovery. These blends maintain cotton’s comfort and absorbency while benefiting from the strength of polyester. It’s worth noting that as the polyester content increases, DTG print quality and design longevity may decrease.

Check out the polycotton excellence of Just Hoods By AWDis JHY001 & Gildan 18500B!


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Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Youth Clothing

Gooten strongly emphasizes environmental responsibility and is committed to curating a sustainable product range in the print-on-demand sector, with ongoing efforts to enhance sustainability. Explore our current eco-friendly youth apparel offerings:


📌 Special note:

Our eco-friendly T-shirt selection proudly includes OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100-certified models.

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