Canvas Wraps

Turn every head in the room with your image printed on Solid-Faced Canvas. Designed to stay taut and flat, even through the roughest of life’s every day pokes and prods. Canvas shipped from the US comes with a hard sealed backing and hanging hardware for an effortless install. Canvas shipped outside the US comes with an open back and are ready to hang with a sawtooth hanger.

Product Info

Product Cost
Starts at $6.90
Base Shipping Cost
Ships From
The Netherlands
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Production Time
4 business days
Shipping Options
Product Options

Product Options


  • 10x10 inch
  • 30x40 inch
  • 16x16 inch
  • 8x10 inch
  • 5x7 inch
  • 6x6 inch
  • 8x8 inch
  • 10x20 inch
  • 11x14 inch
  • 12x12 inch
  • 12x16 inch
  • 12x18 inch
  • 12x36 inch
  • 16x20 inch
  • 16x24 inch
  • 18x24 inch
  • 20x20 inch
  • 20x24 inch
  • 20x30 inch
  • 20x60 inch
  • 24x24 inch
  • 24x30 inch
  • 24x36 inch
  • 30x30 inch
  • 32x48 inch
  • 36x36 inch
  • 20x20 cm
  • 20x30 cm
  • 30x30 cm
  • 30x40 cm
  • 40x40 cm
  • 40x50 cm
  • 40x60 cm
  • 50x50 cm
  • 50x70 cm
  • 60x60 cm
  • 60x80 cm
  • 60x90 cm
  • 70x70 cm
  • 80x80 cm
  • 90x120 cm
  • 90x90 cm

Wrap Types

  • Black Wrap
  • Image Wrap
  • White Wrap
Product Costs

Product Costs

Product Cost Data
Wrap Types
5x7 inch Black Wrap $6.90
30x40 cm Black Wrap $23.54
40x40 cm Black Wrap $27.45
40x50 cm Black Wrap $29.42
40x60 cm Black Wrap $33.34
50x50 cm Black Wrap $35.30
50x70 cm Black Wrap $39.21
60x60 cm Black Wrap $43.14
60x80 cm Black Wrap $47.06
60x90 cm Black Wrap $49.02
70x70 cm Black Wrap $49.02
80x80 cm Black Wrap $54.90
90x120 cm Black Wrap $78.42
90x90 cm Black Wrap $66.66
20x20 cm Image Wrap $16.69
20x30 cm Image Wrap $17.66
30x30 cm Image Wrap $21.58
30x40 cm Image Wrap $23.54
40x40 cm Image Wrap $27.45
40x50 cm Image Wrap $29.42
40x60 cm Image Wrap $33.34
50x50 cm Image Wrap $35.30
50x70 cm Image Wrap $39.21
60x60 cm Image Wrap $43.14
60x80 cm Image Wrap $47.06
60x90 cm Image Wrap $49.02
70x70 cm Image Wrap $49.02
80x80 cm Image Wrap $54.90
90x120 cm Image Wrap $78.42
90x90 cm Image Wrap $66.66
20x20 cm White Wrap $16.69
20x30 cm White Wrap $17.66
30x30 cm White Wrap $21.58
30x40 cm White Wrap $23.54
40x40 cm White Wrap $27.45
40x50 cm White Wrap $29.42
40x60 cm White Wrap $33.34
50x50 cm White Wrap $35.30
50x70 cm White Wrap $39.21
60x60 cm White Wrap $43.14
60x80 cm White Wrap $47.06
60x90 cm White Wrap $49.02
70x70 cm White Wrap $49.02
80x80 cm White Wrap $54.90
90x120 cm White Wrap $78.42
90x90 cm White Wrap $66.66
10x10 inch Black Wrap $8.90
10x20 inch Black Wrap $14.90
11x14 inch Black Wrap $12.90
12x12 inch Black Wrap $10.90
12x16 inch Black Wrap $13.90
12x18 inch Black Wrap $14.90
12x36 inch Black Wrap $24.90
16x16 inch Black Wrap $15.90
16x20 inch Black Wrap $19.90
16x24 inch Black Wrap $22.90
18x24 inch Black Wrap $24.90
20x20 inch Black Wrap $22.90
20x24 inch Black Wrap $26.90
20x30 inch Black Wrap $29.90
20x60 inch Black Wrap $58.90
24x24 inch Black Wrap $29.90
24x30 inch Black Wrap $35.90
24x36 inch Black Wrap $39.90
30x30 inch Black Wrap $46.90
30x40 inch Black Wrap $58.90
32x48 inch Black Wrap $69.90
36x36 inch Black Wrap $60.90
6x6 inch Black Wrap $6.90
8x10 inch Black Wrap $8.90
8x8 inch Black Wrap $8.90
10x10 inch Image Wrap $8.90
10x20 inch Image Wrap $14.90
11x14 inch Image Wrap $12.90
12x12 inch Image Wrap $10.90
12x16 inch Image Wrap $13.90
12x18 inch Image Wrap $14.90
12x36 inch Image Wrap $24.90
16x16 inch Image Wrap $15.90
16x20 inch Image Wrap $19.90
16x24 inch Image Wrap $22.90
18x24 inch Image Wrap $24.90
20x20 inch Image Wrap $22.90
20x24 inch Image Wrap $26.90
20x30 inch Image Wrap $29.90
20x60 inch Image Wrap $58.90
24x24 inch Image Wrap $29.90
24x30 inch Image Wrap $35.90
24x36 inch Image Wrap $39.90
30x30 inch Image Wrap $46.90
30x40 inch Image Wrap $58.90
32x48 inch Image Wrap $69.90
36x36 inch Image Wrap $60.90
6x6 inch Image Wrap $6.90
8x10 inch Image Wrap $8.90
8x8 inch Image Wrap $8.90
10x10 inch White Wrap $8.90
10x20 inch White Wrap $14.90
11x14 inch White Wrap $12.90
12x12 inch White Wrap $10.90
12x16 inch White Wrap $13.90
12x18 inch White Wrap $14.90
12x36 inch White Wrap $24.90
16x16 inch White Wrap $15.90
16x20 inch White Wrap $19.90
16x24 inch White Wrap $22.90
18x24 inch White Wrap $24.90
20x20 inch White Wrap $22.90
20x24 inch White Wrap $26.90
20x30 inch White Wrap $29.90
20x60 inch White Wrap $58.90
24x24 inch White Wrap $29.90
24x30 inch White Wrap $35.90
24x36 inch White Wrap $39.90
30x30 inch White Wrap $46.90
30x40 inch White Wrap $58.90
32x48 inch White Wrap $69.90
36x36 inch White Wrap $60.90
6x6 inch White Wrap $6.90
8x10 inch White Wrap $8.90
8x8 inch White Wrap $8.90
Product Details

Product Details





Frame Thickness

1.25 inch


Artist-grade poly-cotton blend canvas

Hard, high-density wood fiberboard and a plastic frame


UV coating is scratch-resistant. Wipe clean with a damp cloth

Product Note

We offer local production for the UK, Canada and Mexico, so that your order will ship from the production location within the same country as your end customer. All order routing is done in our system, so you don't have to worry about changing SKUs across orders and to make matters even easier, the product pricing is uniform across geographies. Keep in mind that 1/8" of bleed is included onto the sides of the canvas wrap when black or white borders are selected


Smaller Sizes - Clear poly bag, thin corrugated cardboard to protect corners and boxed

Larger Sizes - Clear poly bag, Styrofoam protected corners and boxed

Printing Specs

Printing Specs

How to create Print Files

Save your artwork as JPG or PNG files using the print specs below. You can download our PSD and JPG templates for an easy way to get started.

Download Templates
Product Printing Specs
Product Print Area (width x height) Resolution Safe Zone (width x height) Bleed (left, right, top, bottom)
CanvasWrap - BlkWrp - 30x30cm 1808x1808 px 150 ppi 2244x2244 px 0, 0, 0, 0 px