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The Gooten Standard: Elevating Production in PoD

Join Andy Nied, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Gooten as he shares how we have established a system that ensures high quality and consistency across our supply chain so that your customers receive the products they love and rely on.

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FB Live: Sustainability in the Apparel Print on Demand World

Join Mark Kapczynski, CMO at Gooten live for a brief yet lively discussion with Marshall Atkinson, Business Coach from ShirtLab around the topic of sustainability in the apparel print on demand world.

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Mastering the Art of Personalization

Want to scale your business, but struggling with where to start? According to Deloitte Consumer Review research, more than 50% of consumers would want to buy customized products. Here at Gooten, we have found that the key to building an engaged and growing demand for your business lives in personalization. Consumers continue to shift their buying behaviors towards products that are tailored to individual characteristics and preferences. Delivering products that fall into this category can provide the competitive and strategic differentiator that your print-on-demand business needs.

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What a Next-Gen Merch Supply Chain Looks Like

As the apparel and merchandising markets evolve in the new reality, brands and retailers are looking at ways to transition towards a smarter supply chain that works for them. Understanding why some businesses fell and others soared in 2020 will help shape the fresh approach businesses need to consider in order to avoid the fragility and pitfalls that occurred during the pandemic. If you want your business to stand out, you need to get strategic about your eCommerce merchandising plan immediately.

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Why Choose Gooten As Your Leading Print On Demand Partner

Re-evaluating print on demand vendors is the first step in assessing your business needs for the upcoming year. Join Mark Kapczynski, Chief Marketing Officer, and Krista McDonald, Chief Experience Officer at Gooten to hear why switching to Gooten will be the smartest and best decision that you make for your business in 2021.

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Introducing VIM by Gooten

Join Gooten leaders, Maddy Alcala, VP of Business Development and Mark Kapczynski, Chief Marketing Officer as they discuss the launch of the Very Important Merchant (VIM) program.

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Holiday Shipping Overview

Join Nathan Reilly, Gooten's Shipping & Logistics Manager, with surprise guest Brian Rainey, CEO at Gooten as they discuss how to "Overcome Shipping Challenges this Holiday Season."

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The Brand Blueprint

Join Gooten's Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Kapczynski to learn how to build a strong brand that increases your value, distinguishes you from your competitors, and creates alignment across the team. Learn about the components that go into boosting your brand through the holidays and beyond.

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How Sales Tax Automations Helps Simplify Your Business

Join Clayton Goodhue Senior Manager at Avalara and Mark Kapczynski, Chief Marketing Officer as they discuss changes and implications that tax and recent rulings have on small eCommerce sellers.

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Holiday Breakout: Dial In Your Social Campaigns for Maximum Revenue

Follow along as Alex Kyle, Director of Paid Social & Special Projects at Hawke Media, delves into mission-critical knowledge for building successful social media advertising campaigns for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and through the holiday season. Learn what you need to do to make the best of a year that continues to present businesses and customers with unique challenges.

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Use Email and Onsite Display Marketing to Drive Holiday Sales

Join the discussion with Alison Aldrich, VP of Partnerships at Privy as she reveals what email marketing can look like for eCommerce businesses during the holidays. Understand the importance of building a list and leveraging it to communicate and set expectations with your customers as you prepare to launch your holiday campaigns.

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Turning Customer Complaints to Customer Solutions

Customer service is a crucial part of our business and any business at that. Join Marc Ray, Head of Customer Support at Gooten to hear updates on how we're personally taking action to improve and standardize our policies to create an organizational culture that promotes and delivers excellent customer service.

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What Quality Management looks like at Gooten

At Gooten, we're committed to providing our merchant partners and their consumers with the best possible results when it comes to price, quality, and reliability of on-demand merchandise. Nadia Burgess, Director of Manufacturing at Gooten dives into the qualifying metrics Gooten looks for when conducting detailed inspections during the vetting process of new manufactures.

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Redesigning Manufacturing in 2020 & Beyond

Circle Graphics is dedicated to innovation, high-speed manufacturing, and exceptional service to provide customers with a great product every time. They spend most of the year planning for the holiday season to ensure they can deliver for their partners. Join Staci Seward, Vice President of Sales at Circle Graphics as she dives into the future of manufacturing, holiday preparedness, and what makes Circle Graphics different from other manufacturers.

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Create Converting Designs for your eCommerce Store

Whether you’re new to on-demand manufacturing, an established mid-sized business, or a large organization looking to add additional revenue streams, this webinar will cover our most commonly asked questions about our product creation tool as it pertains to designing products for your online store. Join Krista Mcdonald, CXO at Gooten to learn how to create winning product designs that will produce consistent and quality prints that result in high conversions for your eCommerce store. You won’t want to miss it.

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