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Gooten Expands Globally: Shipping costs drop on international wall art orders

by Gooten Editorial Team on Apr. 15, 2021

We are extremely excited to announce that we have expanded our production capabilities for our wall art categories. What does this mean for you, our merchant partners? This global expansion will drive even greater returns for your wall art business internationally!

Our #1 selling product, Canvas Wraps, will now have localized production in Australia and the EU, and we have expanded our production in the UK and Canada as well. These changes have allowed us to reduce shipping prices by 50% or even more for select sizes. For our Economy Framed Prints, which are our #2 selling wall art products, we have localized production for 6 sizes of our product in Canada, the UK and Australia which will reduce shipping prices by as much as $40+ for deliveries into those geographies.

Canvas Wraps
Framed Prints

In addition to the cost savings our merchant partners will receive on shipping for these items, you will also notice shorter delivery windows as outlined below:

  • Australia: 12+ days off currently delivery estimates
  • European Union: 5-10+ days off current delivery estimates
  • Canada: 3 days off current delivery estimates
  • UK: 2 days off current delivery estimates


If you’re wondering how you can take advantage of these new changes, we have you covered! These changes have already been implemented on all new orders. As always, we will continue to dynamically route orders to the production facility closest to your consumers so any and all savings will automatically be applied. All new shipping rates are available for review in the flat shipping document in our support center here.

We are very excited to share this news with you and we can’t wait to see the impact this will make on your bottom line!