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Gen Alpha

Cracking the Code: Gen Alpha’s Consumer Habits

Generation Alpha’s unique digital upbringing and commitment to sustainability are bound to transform consumer behavior. Gooten, a leading print-on-demand platform, recognizes this shift and offers insight into this cohort’s preferences. Discover how Gen Alpha’s values and habits are shaping the future of commerce and retail services.

Print on Demand Apparel Fabrics

Ultimate Apparel Fabric Guide: Cotton, Polycotton, and More

Gooten’s comprehensive guide to fabric options: Dive into the realm of cotton fabrics, from durable 100% cotton to luxurious ringspun and combed variants; uncover the benefits of polycotton blends and explore the versatility of polyester and rayon fabrics; discover the advantages of tri-blend shirts, combining comfort and style. Learn how to cater to comfort, durability, and unique printing possibilities!

Etsy Registry

Make Etsy Registry Work for Your Print on Demand Business

Custom gifts can be an exemplary way to celebrate a happy couple on their big day. It just so happens that there’s a new platform ideally suited for custom wedding gifts. It’s called the Etsy Registry, and it provides a golden opportunity for our print on demand sellers.

ChatGPT vs. Bard

ChatGPT vs. Bard: 12 Print on Demand Queries for the Chatbots

We learned long ago that we must remain receptive and sensitive to constant digital advancements to succeed in the on-demand manufacturing space. In this article, we’ll discuss an emerging topic that is slowly becoming an unavoidable part of the zeitgeist of digital marketing trends and artificial intelligence technology in 2023—chatbots!