How to Pick the Right Finish for Your Print on Demand Posters

by Gooten Editorial Team on Apr. 8, 2024

When selecting posters, customers want more than just great images. They also want high-quality finishes, including multiple options that align with their home aesthetics. 

From dorm rooms to home offices, printed posters have long been staples of chic, inexpensive decor. The right poster, capturing an iconic photo or an intriguing design, can convey your personality, enhance the mood, and tie all the aesthetic elements of your room together.

When selecting posters, customers want more than just great images. They also want high-quality finishes, including multiple options that align with their home aesthetics. That’s why it’s important for print on demand sellers to provide a number of different finishes for the posters they sell.

But what are the different finishes that are available? And what makes them different from one another? 

Gooten offers 2 types of posters with different finish options in each: 

  • Standard Posters – Available in 51 sizes and 3 finishes.  Paper thickness ranges between 175-300 GSMs (GSM stands for ‘grams per square meter’ and refers to the weight of the paper. The heavier the paper, the higher the number of grams per square meter  – and, generally, the higher the perceived quality of the stock. 
  • Economy Posters – Available in 17 sizes and 2 finishes.  Paper thickness for our economy poster ranges between 118-150 GSMs.

Finish Options for Standard Posters

At Gooten, we provide standard posters in a wide range of sizes, and with three basic finish options: Glossy finish, matte finish, and satin finish. Let’s take a quick look at each option.

Glossy Finish

As its name suggests, a glossy finish essentially “glosses over” the image in question. In essence, this just means the image has more of a shine to it. The extra layer of shine also enhances the colors in the image, rendering more vivid hues. In a well-lit room, the brighter colors and shinier surface tend to result in more eye-catching posters. However, in spaces with excess lighting, the image may appear washed out, difficult to really see with any clarity.

Generally speaking, glossy finishes are recommended for rooms with consistent and even lighting. Think home gyms, studies, and children’s bedrooms.

Matte Finish

Matte finishes provide just as much quality, but with less shine and less vividness to the color palette. A matte finish won’t make the colors pop, but it also won’t be as challenging to make out all the details in areas of intense lighting. As such, matte finish can be perfect for posters that are black-and-white or simply more muted in their color scheme.

Matte is usually preferred in rooms with a lot of natural light. It’s also the superior choice if you’re framing your poster under glass.

Satin Finish

The satin finish falls somewhere between the glossy and matte options. With satin, you get the nice, popping colors, but not quite as much shine and lustre. As such, satin finishes can work well in a variety of lightings, and they also look pretty good under glass.

Finish Options for Economy Posters

Gooten also provides economy posters, which are available in both uncoated glossy paper and uncoated matte paper.

What does it mean when paper is “uncoated?” Simply put, it means there is no gloss or coating applied to the surface of the paper. This material is naturally soft and absorbent, and when ink is applied to the paper it tends to look a bit more muted. Choosing glossy over matte can help you improve the vividness of your colors a bit, though not as much as with the standard poster finishes.

Uncoated paper is wonderful for providing a soft, tactile feeling for your posters, something that many artists really value.

Finish Options for Standard Prints

Gooten’s standard prints is the most common option for photographs although art and graphics also print beautifully on this photo paper.  Our standard prints start at 4×4 and come in 15 sizes and are available in glossy and lustre finishes.

We’ve already touched on glossy, but what about lustre paper finishes? Like satin, lustre offers a midpoint between glossy and matte, ensuring striking colors without the shiny surface. When comparing satin and lustre, keep in mind that satin is a bit closer to glossy, while lustre is a bit closer to matte.

Explore Poster & Print Options from Gooten

As an artist or photographer, you naturally want to show off your images. Nothing is more satisfying than having customers who want to display your original work in their homes. Of course, you want that work to look as good as possible, which may mean providing specific types of paper and finish.

At Gooten, we’re pleased to accommodate. We’d love to tell you more about the range of options we offer for posters and prints. Reach out to Gooten whenever you’re ready to explore print on demand product options.