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Custom Zip-Up Hoodies

Rounding up our print-on-demand hoodies assortment are the Custom Zip-Up hoodies, a zipped alternative to the popular pullover hoodie models. By partnering with Gooten, you are accessing our network of industry-leading apparel manufacturers, which brings you top-notch zip-up hoodie models from foremost apparel brands:


Add variety to your store’s hoodie lineup by offering All-Over Print Zip-Up Hoodies. Custom cut and sawn, these hoodies provide roll-to-roll all-over printing, allowing limitless design options.

Additionally, you may be interested in Bella + Canvas 3739, a model you can find exclusively at Gooten.


Print-on-Demand Zip-Up Hoodies Printing Techniques

To achieve the utmost print quality for Print-on-Demand Zip-Up Hoodies in our catalog, we rely on direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. We’ve prepared a thorough DTG guide to set the correct expectations with this printing method.

For Lane Seven 14003, specifically, we offer the unique properties of direct-to-film (DTF) printing.

We also use dye-sublimation or dye-sub printing for the print-on-demand All-Over Print Zip-Up Hoodies.


Materials Best Suited for Print-on-Demand Zip-Up Hoodies

Gooten’s Custom Zip-Up Hoodies represent a refinement of polycotton blends, such as Independent SS4500Z.

Polycotton blends are favorable fabrics in print-on-demand apparel manufacturing since fleece typically comprises a mix of these materials. While cotton is renowned for its breathability, polyester enhances durability, resistance to abrasion, and wrinkle recovery capabilities.

This combination preserves the comfort and absorbency of cotton while capitalizing on polyester’s strength. It’s important to note that as the polyester content in the blend increases, there may be a decrease in the quality and lasting power of DTG prints.


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Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Zip-Up Hoodies

The Gildan 18600 Unisex Heavy Blend Full-Zip Hoodie is a testament to Gooten’s growing efforts to increase sustainability within the print-on-demand space. This model is made from 100% sustainably grown and ethically harvested cotton fabric. All fabric-cutting scraps are fully recycled into fiber for use in new products, while one-third of the energy used in production is sourced from renewable resources.


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