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Custom Drinkware

Drinkware is a staple of Gooten’s custom home decor assortment and among the most easily marketable print-on-demand items for eCommerce brands.

Gooten’s custom drinkware assortment currently boasts around 15 individual products carefully curated for a high-quality, versatile offer, fresh and current for any shopping season.

Cater to your target audience with easily customizable ceramic mugs, stainless steel drinkware, glassware, and tumblers.


Custom Mugs

Check out Gooten’s print-on-demand mugs collection, including stainless steel mugs, insulated mugs, bistro mugs, and ceramic mugs:

Accent Mugs

Ceramic custom mugs are available in two sizes – 11oz and 15oz – and 9 eye-catching colors.

Black Mugs

A black ceramic mug with a gloss finish, allowing bold print designs.

White Mugs

Classic white ceramic mugs that are dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

Tall Bistro Mugs

An 18oz ceramic bistro mug with a C-style handle, dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

Insulated Stainless Steel Mugs

Combining the best of both worlds – an insulated mug and a stainless steel mug – this 10oz double-insulated beverage holder has a clear lid with a sipping hole and a high gloss white coating for crispy print designs.


Custom Tumblers

Gooten’s variety of custom tumblers includes:

Viking Tumblers

Viking Tumblers carry a proud badge of Gooten’s best-seller and are one of the products you can find exclusively in our catalog. These 20oz stainless steel tumblers are available in six distinct hues: Navy, Mint, Copper, Stainless Steel, White, and Black.

Stemless Wine Tumblers

Stainless steel tumblers with copper lining and glossy finish. A compact 12oz drinkware that’s become a staple for summer product collections.

White Tumblers with Straw

Stainless steel tumbler with a reusable stopper straw and double insulation.

Double Wall Tumblers

Customizable 30oz stainless steel tumblers enhanced with a double wall and a plastic gasket seal top with a sipping hole.


Custom Watter Bottles

These custom water bottles serve a multipurpose and are easily customizable to fit your brand’s design theme.

Premium Water Bottles

Another pendant in Gooten’s stainless steel drinkware collection, these custom water bottles keep water cool for 24 hours and hot beverages warm for 12 hours. Choose between three distinct bottle sizes – 12oz, 18oz, and 32oz.

Peristyle Water Bottles

Stylish stainless steel bottles with vacuum insulation and a screw-on stainless steel lid. It comes in five color options – Mint, Copper, Stainless Steel, White, and Black.


Custom Glasses

Equip your store’s custom drinkware collection with some customizable glasses.

Pint Glasses

Custom pint glasses can be marketed for various purposes, depending on your store’s niche. They are heat treated and come in size of 16oz.

Frosted Pint Glasses

Also, a 16oz custom glass, print-on-demand frosted pint glass is an ideal events item with its single-walled, recyclable frosted coating.


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Product Line Diversity

We’ve introduced additional items to our merchant partners to complement the custom drinkware selection.

Bottle and Can Coolers

If you’re looking for a unique item to offer your customers, these custom can coolers are just the thing. Made from 100% polyester topped-neoprene, they’re one of the Gooten-exclusive items.


Print-on-Demand Drinkware Printing Techniques

To ensure the highest print quality and durability for our custom drinkware, we utilize various printing methods:

  1. Dye-Sublimation (Dye-Sub) Printing: This digital technology employs heat transfer to apply images to the chosen substrate. Often known as digital sublimation, it’s widely used for decorating print-on-demand drinkware, home decor, apparel, and items with sublimation-friendly surfaces.
  2. Inkjet Digital Printing: In this process, liquid ink is directly applied to the surface, eliminating the need for aluminum plates and rubber blankets.
  3. UV Inkjet Printing (HG Cylindrical): Here, ink droplets form an image on the surface, with UV light rapidly curing the ink to prevent spreading and ensure sharp images. This method is employed for some of our stainless steel drinkware.
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