GUIDE: How to Sell Gooten Products on Etsy.

by Gooten Editorial Team on Feb. 13, 2024

When you make crafts, apparel, or other handmade gifts, it’s hard to find a marketplace better than Etsy. Since 2005 Etsy has been the premier destination for consumers seeking unique, vintage, or homemade gifts. And the site’s revenues have doubled just since 2019, making it clear that this market is growing at an exponential pace.

Maybe you’re already taking advantage of Etsy to sell your unique or homemade wares. Maybe you’re ready to take your Etsy store to the next level, positioning it for maximum growth and amazing outreach. One of the best ways to do so is by choosing a print on demand fulfillment company that can help you expand your inventory, all while offering unparalleled quality, accuracy, and order speed.

There’s a reason why countless Etsy sellers have entrusted their business to Gooten. We’re proud to provide our Etsy sellers with exclusive products they won’t find anywhere else, including print on demand clothing, houseware, and drinkware from leading brands.

We love partnering with brand new Etsy sellers but also with established businesses looking to achieve the next level of success. Give Gooten a try, and see how your Etsy shop grows!

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Why Gooten is the partner to choose?

First and foremost, note that existing Etsy sellers can partner with Gooten to gain access to a wide array of print on demand products. Here are some of the advantages:


  • Gooten offers the most extensive product catalog in the whole print on demand space. By partnering with us, you can significantly expand your product offerings, capitalizing on new markets via fashion and apparel items; home and lifestyle products; drinkware; wall art; and much more.
  • We have exclusive partnerships with world-famous brands, ranging from apparel companies like Hanes to drinkware purveyors like Viking. In other words, we provide product opportunities that no other print on demand company can match, allowing our Etsy partners to provide their shoppers with highly sought-after items. These exclusive products will give your Etsy shop a huge competitive edge!
  • The sheer range of our catalog is unmatched. When you partner with Gooten you can broaden your lineup to include everything from home and lifestyle products to posters and wall art.
  • Our platform meets Etsy’s strict requirements for third-party integration, and syncing your Etsy and Gooten accounts is incredibly seamless and straightforward.
  • Our network can route, process, produce, and ship orders with a 99 percent accuracy rate, and three-day turnaround dates. That allows you to ensure the best possible experience for your own Etsy shoppers.
  • We boast an international network of local printers, utilizing the most advanced and effective print on demand technologies.


Simply put, we are the print on demand fulfillment experts, and we’re thrilled to work with Etsy sellers from across the world.

What Are Etsy Sellers Saying About Gooten?

Etsy sellers love working with Gooten… but you don’t have to take our word for it. Hear for yourself how we’ve helped Etsy sellers find extraordinary success.

Casket Girl
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Gotten has been a valuable tool as an independant artist! I appreciate how easy it is to create personalized products as well as how many products you can choose to customize! I look forward to continuing work with this company.
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Really enjoying this print on demand platform! The prices are great on everything, the offerings are really high quality reputable brands with good materials, and the website is very easy to understand and straightforward.
Catherine Perry
Google Reviews
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The customer service is unbeatable for a print on demand shop. They worked with me to make sure my product came out looking right and reached out when they spotted any potential printing issues with my designs so we could fix it quickly. I'm very happy to know that they're taking such care in their craft.

What if You Already Have a Print on Demand Partner?

Even if you already have your Etsy store synced to a print on demand vendor, you can either switch to Gooten or simply add Gooten to your vendor list. Etsy allows you to work with multiple third-party platforms, and Gooten makes it easy to expand your product portfolio with access to high-end, in-demand products: Think woven blankets, woven pillows, Viking tumblers, and countless other products that you may not find from other print on demand vendors.

What Are the Best Print on Demand Products to Sell on Etsy?

As you get your Etsy shop up and running, it’s important to think about the kinds of products best suited for this particular marketplace. While you can sell a wide range of print on demand products on Etsy, there are some items that fit better than others. 

Some of the most lucrative and popular print on demand Etsy categories include:

Fashion & Apparel

Home & Lifestyle

Home Decor: Blankets and Pillows


Wall Art: Posters, Prints and Canvas Wraps


Office & Stationary

Stationery: Cards and Journals 

Baby Bodysuits & Accessories

Fashion Accessories

Important Tips for Etsy Success

Once you’ve set up your Etsy store and chosen which products you want to sell, you’ll be ready to officially welcome customers to your storefront. As you do so, remember a few strategic considerations to ensure Etsy success.

  •   Make sure you’re providing customers with all the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision, specifically by providing high-quality photos/mockups and rich item descriptions.
  •   Ensure your products are searchable within the Etsy marketplace. Do so by choosing the right Etsy search tags, by including keywords in your product titles, and by ensuring each product is slotted into the right product category.
  •   Offer customers the opportunity to customize their products. Personalization is one of the most sought-after attributes among Etsy buyers. Simply make sure the personalization option is toggled “on” for each item in your Etsy store.
  •   Keep an eye on your sales, specifically taking note of which items sell the most. You may want to fine-tune your Etsy catalog over time, drawing on the many rich print on demand options we have here at Gooten.

These are just a few of the basic strategies that can turn your Etsy store into a real money-maker.

How to integrate your Etsy store with Gooten:

1. To add the store via the Gooten platform, go on your Stores page and click the Connect new store button.  

2. Click on the Etsy option as your platform.

3. Then, you can add your Etsy store name URL in Gooten and hit Connect store for installation. 

Please note that you can connect multiple Etsy stores to one Gooten account, but you cannot connect one single Etsy store to different Gooten accounts.

Click here to visit a step by step guide on connecting your Etsy store to Gooten. 

Set Up Shop Today. Gooten Can Help.

Questions about pairing your Etsy store with your Gooten account? We’re happy to help. With any inquiries about our print on demand fulfillment services, reach out to the Gooten team at your convenience. 

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