Gooten Expands its Custom Drinkware Collection

by Gooten Editorial Team on Apr. 23, 2024

From insulated tumblers to voluminous water bottles, drinkware has become a staple of contemporary life. Not only is drinkware popular, but it’s also quite lucrative. According to the most recent data, the drinkware category yielded more than $28 billion in 2022, and is expected to keep growing throughout the next decade.

Needless to say, this is a huge opportunity for print on demand sellers, as custom drinkware offers an incredible way to combine aesthetics and utility. As such, Gooten is pleased to announce a prominent expansion of its custom drinkware collection. We now offer our partners a range of drinkware options, including print on demand mugs, tumblers, and beyond.

All of these items are made from sturdy materials, and offer great opportunities to highlight original logos or designs. Let’s take a closer look at some of the specific products we’ve included in the Gooten drinkware category.

Gooten's Drinkware Categories

Mugs & Ceramics

Who doesn’t love a morning coffee or an afternoon tea, poured into a nicely-sized mug with a comfortable handle and a good weight to it?

Our collection of mugs and ceramics includes a host of options, from taller cafe-style mugs to smaller latte mugs. And that’s just for starters. This product line includes insulated mugs, metallic options, and a whole array of color and accent options. Of course, all of them are endlessly customizable, providing an easy way to add cozy, comforting drinkware to your existing print on demand lineup.

Tumblers & Can Coolers

Tumblers and can coolers are ideal for taking beverages on the road, whether that’s for a morning spent running hours or for a weekend outdoor adventure.

We are pleased to offer a wide array of premium tumblers and can coolers, all of which can be customized for inclusion in your print on demand store. Gooten’s collection includes slim coolers, stainless steel can holders, acrylic cups, and much more.

Water Bottles

Custom water bottles are another great addition to any print on demand store. Not only do they provide a great way for your buyers to highlight their personality, but these vessels are constant companions at the gym, during yoga, on the go, even during workplace meetings.

Gooten’s catalog boasts an impressive range of premium water bottles. Not only do we feature high-quality materials and a full spectrum of colors, we also offer desirable features such as loop caps, cafe caps, built-in drinking straws, and beyond. Consider adding high-end water bottles to your print on demand store today.

Glassware & Barware

Gooten’s drinkware options aren’t just for on-the-go. We also offer a number of great products for comfort and hospitality at home.

Specifically, our glassware and barware collection encompasses shot glasses, wine glasses, and pint glasses. These items can all be customized to include designs, logos, or accents of your choosing. Think about adding an assortment of glassware and barware to your print on demand store.

Branded Drinkware

Finally, note that the Gooten catalog includes branded drinkware selections from well-known and widely-trusted brands. Examples include CamelBak, Viking, and Klean Kanteen.

Check our branded drinkware collection for a range of product types, including tumblers, sports water bottles, and beyond.

Adding Drinkware to Your Print on Demand Store

As you think about expanding your e-commerce store, drinkware may be a no-brainer. Not only does this category offer a ton of utility, it also appeals to consumers across virtually every demographic. And it’s an easy way to augment an existing store with new, personalized selections.


We’d love to help you add print on demand drinkware to your store. Explore the catalog today, and reach out to Gooten with any questions.