Brands That Embrace Print on Demand: CamelBak, Viking, and More

by Gooten Editorial Team on Nov. 22, 2023

The print on demand model is increasingly popular for creating high-quality, customizable products. In fact, it’s been embraced not only by smaller-scale artists and designers, but also by major merchandisers. Here at Gooten, we’re pleased to deliver print on demand fulfillment services involving a number of well-known brands, providing customers with great ways to get the products they love with added options for personalization.

So, what are some of the name brands that rely on print on demand techniques? In this post, we’ll round up just a few of them.

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Print on Demand Products from Major Brands


One of the most promising marketplaces right now is the water bottle space. With growing awareness for personal health and wellness, plus the steady rise in the athleisure industry, more and more consumers are seeking high-quality water bottles. CamelBak provides them, and thanks to Gooten, their products are available with added customization features.

We’re proud to provide our sellers with access to CamelBak Eddy® Tritan™ Renew Water Bottles, a top-tier product that’s made of 50 percent recycled plastic. Alternatively, consider the CamelBak Eddy® Water Bottles With Magnetic Top, which boasts the same ecological bona fides. By incorporating these best-selling bottles into your print on demand store, you can target an in-demand niche while also including personal branding or design flourishes.


Water bottles offer one form of customizable drinkware, but tumblers are just as popular. That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with Viking, providing our sellers with top-of-the-line stainless steel tumblers that are well-suited for keeping on-the-go beverages either hot or cold. They come in an array of colors, boast an exceptional level of quality, and provide ample opportunity for personalization.

As you consider drinkware options for your print on demand store, make sure to consider these BPA-free beauties from the Gooten catalog.


Of course, drinkware isn’t the only opportunity for print on demand personalization. T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies also provide perfect canvases for original logos, designs, or imagery. And here at Gooten, we proudly offer print on demand apparel from household names like Hanes.

Hanes makes durable cotton clothing that lends itself well to print on demand customization. Consider just a few of the brand’s apparel products that we offer here at Gooten: 


The bottom line: As you consider adding custom apparel to your print on demand store, Gooten allows you to do so with the brands people know and love.


Speaking of branded apparel, Gooten is proud to offer high-quality sweatshirts, T-shirts, and hoodies from Champion, a brand famous for the durability and resilience of its products. Our catalog includes a number of branded fashion classics from the Champion lineup, including:



We are proud to offer the sustainably sourced, endlessly customizable apparel from the Champion collection.

Fruit of the Loom

One final example of Gooten’s access to well-known apparel brands is our partnership with Fruit of the Loom. This is one of the most recognized T-shirt brands in the world, and we’re thrilled to make Fruit of the Loom available with plenty of room for customization.

A few favorites from the Gooten catalog include:

Again, Gooten is pleased to provide our partners with access to high-quality products that customers will feel confident in purchasing. We’re happy to have Fruit of the Loom as a centerpiece of our custom apparel collection.


Drinkware and apparel represent just a couple of the major categories where Gooten works with leading brands. Consider also our options in phone cases, including leading providers like CASETiFY.

Phone cases make wonderful canvases for custom art, design, and logos, providing a way for the end user to keep their device safe and stylish. We’re thrilled to offer a number of custom phone cases here at Gooten.

Major Brands Available via Print on Demand

There are countless reasons to employ the print on demand model for your e-commerce store, but one of the main ones is that it allows you to sell top-of-the-line brands with your own custom designs or logos. Gooten is pleased to be a part of that, offering print on demand fulfillment services for a full range of personalized merchandise. To find out more about offering major brands in your print on demand store, connect with the Gooten team today.

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