10 Free Marketing Tools to Help You Grow Your Print on Demand Business

by Gooten Editorial Team on Aug. 18, 2022

In order for your print on demand business to succeed, you’ll need to be diligent in your marketing strategy. This can be easier said than done. Simply put, a comprehensive marketing approach requires a lot of time and labor, including efforts to build brand awareness, drive website traffic, and analyze marketing data.

The good news is that many of these tasks can be expedited and automated. It all starts with having the right tools. Here are 10 tools that may be really useful for marketing your print on demand business. As an added bonus, they’re all available for free!

10 Free Marketing Tools for Print on Demand Businesses

  1. Buffer. Building any kind of an online following is going to require consistent social media activity. That can be time consuming, but social media scheduling platforms allow you to prepare days, weeks, or even months’ worth of posts. Buffer is our favorite social media scheduler, and it offers a free pricing option.
  2. Google Analytics. How do people find your website? And how do they typically engage with your content? Get the answers you need from Google’s free website analytics platform and use that data to guide future decisions about marketing, website development, and SEO.
  3. Google Alerts. Google Alerts is an excellent tool for online reputation monitoring. Sign up to be alerted anytime your company is mentioned online. Then, you’ll always be able to respond appropriately to customer comments, whether laudatory or negative.
  4. Canva. Original images and graphics are essential to any social media campaign. How can you quickly, easily, and affordably develop your own graphics? Just sign up for Canva, a free tool that makes it incredibly easy to make your own imagery. This can breathe new life into your social media activity!
  5. MailChimp. Another online marketing essential is an email newsletter. There’s simply no better way to stay connected with your audience, including past customers. MailChimp offers templates, list segmentation tools, and everything else you need for an effective email marketing strategy. And for all but enterprise-level campaigns, the platform is free.
  6. Answer the Public. One way to build your brand is through regular blogging. The question is, what should you blog about? Answer the Public is a really nifty tool that provides you with suggested topics, based on the kinds of things your customers and website visitors are actually searching for.
  7. Grammarly. We recommend Grammarly for all your proofreading and spellcheck needs. Specifically, we like this tool for ensuring that all written assets, including blog posts, are polished and high-quality. Even if writing isn’t your forte, Grammarly can help you present yourself as a true professional.
  8. Fotor. We already highlighted Canva as a go-to option for original graphics and imagery. If you’d like to edit original photos for use in your social marketing campaign, consider Fotor. This free platform allows for cropping, color and tone adjustments, and a number of other effects to make your pictures pop. Again, this can be a smart way to fuel your social media channels with top-tier visual content.
  9. Hubspot’s Free CRM. There are a number of customer relationship management (CRM) platforms out there, which can all be integrated with your marketing efforts. The one we recommend is Hubspot, which offers a free option that should meet all your CRM needs. (Hubspot’s lead generation tools are also worth a closer look.)
  10. WordPress. WordPress is mostly known as a blogging tool, but it can also be a really good way to generate original landing pages for your print on demand products. Certainly, every print on demand marketer should have a WordPress account, just in case.

Partner with Gooten to Build Your Brand

These marketing tools can go a long way toward helping you develop your print on demand brand. Another step worth taking? Finding a partner that can help you with order fulfillment and other logistics. That’s where Gooten comes into play.

We are proud to partner with thousands of print on demand companies that offer custom apparel, wall art, and more—all while providing the services they need for ongoing success. We’d love to tell you more about the benefits of partnering with Gooten. Reach out when you’re ready to scale your existing eCommerce business.