5 eCommerce Trends to Revamp Your Store Strategy in 2022

by Gooten Editorial Team on Jan. 27, 2022

The eCommerce industry has experienced a growth spurt like no other and it looks like it is here to stay in 2022. Insider Intelligence reports that US ecommerce sales will cross $1 trillion for the first time in 2022. Prior to the pandemic, they did not forecast ecommerce reaching this milestone until 2024! 

As on-demand eCommerce fulfillment providers, we’re seeing more and more merchants creating and scaling their digital storefronts in order to meet this ever-growing and changing consumer demand. Here are five upcoming trends to consider when revamping your store’s strategy this year. 

2022 On-Demand eCommerce Trends

#1) Short-Form Videos

Everywhere you scroll, there’s a short-form video. From Instagram Reels to TikToks, everyday users and big brands alike are creating these quick, catchy videos. And it’s working. Short-form video has the highest ROI of any social media marketing strategy as 30% of social media marketers plan to invest in it more than any other trend in 2022. They are a great way to reach new audiences, increase engagement (Instagram is prioritizing Reels on their algorithm 👀), and most importantly, they are easy to use! Here are some short-form video ideas you can try for your print on demand company:

  • Start a brand challenge
  • Collaborate with influencers
  • Tease new products or designs
  • Re-share customer videos
  • Film behind the scenes content
  • Create explainer or educational videos

#2) Subscriptions and Loyalty Programs

Acquiring new customers can cost 5x more than retaining an existing customer. What’s more? The success rate of selling to a customer that has already purchased from you is 60-70%, whereas the success rate of selling to a new customer is anywhere between 5-20%. Subscription and loyalty programs are two effective ways to increase customer retention and loyalty for eCommerce companies. Customers love the financial benefits and exclusive perks of these kinds of programs. Examples of customer retention activities can include: early sneak peeks of new products, birthday freebies, exclusive promotions, and more!

#3) Sustainability

Consumers are becoming increasingly more aware of environmental issues, and this is definitely not going away in 2022. Not only is sustainability affecting customer buying behavior, but they are also holding brands more accountable. According to a Statista study that observed which environmentally friendly brand attributes mattered the most, 45% of respondents said they were looking for environmentally responsible or sustainable brands. One of the key ways your print on demand business can be more environmentally friendly in 2022 is through your product offering.

#4) Social commerce

Younger consumers, 18-25 year olds, spend an average of 4 hours/day on social media—a majority of this time is primarily spent on Instagram and TikTok. In fact, over 50% of this demographic discovers new products to purchase on these sites. It’s one of the main reasons why these platforms have become so eCommerce friendly. Social commerce, the process of selling products directly on social media, allows brands to meet their customers directly where they’re spending their time. Social commerce is incredibly for print on demand brands because it allows for a seamless buying experience—making it much easier for customers to purchase your products.

#5) Personalization

Personalization is one of the main benefits of print on demand products, and the consumer demand for them isn’t going anywhere in 2022. If anything, customers want more personalization! This year, in addition to offering custom products, test out different personalized marketing and eCommerce strategies:

  • Recommend complementary similar or complementary products to the ones they are already interested in
  • Re-target on-site offers based off user behavior such as their cart value, browsing behavior, or number of sessions
  • Send personalized emails such as abandoned cart messaging, “we miss you” subjects, or by order follow up messaging

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