6 Last Minute Marketing Strategies to Try Before Black Friday Cyber Monday

by Gooten Editorial Team on Nov. 5, 2020

If it feels like Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales are already underway, that’s because they sort of are. According to NBC News, holiday sales are shifting to multiple, less discounted sales, so as not to overwhelm the supply chain and to hopefully get customers to spend more money. No matter when you decide to start your sales, here are some last-minute marketing tips to ensure their success.


Think outside the sitewide discount code

A sitewide discount is an easy option, but it might not be the smartest move for your business – just look at the companies holding smaller, more frequent sales as a guide. Luckily, there are other options that will allow you to take part in the occasion. Below are some options to consider.

  • Create a Black Friday/Cyber Monday-specific sales section for products that haven’t been selling as much. The best part? You don’t have to build a code.
  • Consider discounts that level up as customers spend more. For example, if they spend $50, they might get 10% off, 100, 15% off, and so on.
  • If you don’t already offer free shipping, waiving costs can easily be your holiday special.
  • Everyone loves a free gift with a purchase. Why not offer a free gift or gift card once customers spend a certain amount?
  • Get creative with timed deals. Share deals on random products throughout the day across social media or through email.


Update Your Website in the Holiday Sale Spirit

Little changes to your website may make a difference in driving purchases. Be sure to name your sale across your website, and be specific about the occasion. Consider updating your product descriptions [callback! Would like to that blog] to include how your product would make a great holiday gift. You can even design your own holiday-themed graphics for use on your website and across marketing. Use your own product photos or find free stock images from websites such as, and customize them using free, easy-to-use software, such as Canva. Ta-da! You just got your website into the holiday spirit.


Promote Your Sale on Social Media (On Any Budget)

Hype up your sale across your social media channels, using organic content, and – if you can afford it – paid content too. There are plenty of ways to make an impact on your customers across social, no matter your budget.


Send Reminder Emails That Stand Out

Sending emails promoting your Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale isn’t revolutionary. In fact, you’ll certainly be competing for space in your customers’ inboxes. That said, with the right personalization and timing, your emails can help drive more Black Friday/Cyber Monday purchases. Consider your most loyal customers. Make them feel special by sending a personalized, plaintext email “from” you, or your store owner, inviting them to access your sales early. Send customers who previously purchased from your store segmented emails with unique subject lines, images, and even discounts. Send one email to your customers, but with a snappy subject line that you know will help you stand out. Send emails based on customers’ time zones to land in their inboxes at the perfect time. There are plenty of ways to stand out, even with an often-used marketing tactic like email.


Try Facebook Messages or Texting

If you’ve had success with Facebook Messenger or texting before, now is the time to reach back out. If you haven’t ever used Facebook Messenger or texting, consider A/B testing either or both channels against other marketing methods. Be sure to allow customers the option to opt-out of receiving messages from those channels.


Consider Participating in Another Shopping Day Instead

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday tend to get all the attention in eCommerce, there are two other shopping holidays that are worth considering for your business. If you’re a small business owner, consider running sales on Small Business Saturday. You’ll avoid the Black Friday promotional traffic, and can put a unique spin on your marketing materials by letting customers learn more about you as a small business owner. Alternatively, if you relate more to the giving than the getting part of the holidays, consider doing something around Giving Tuesday. Instead of giving customers a discount, donate a percentage of your sales to a partner charity. Your customers may be drawn to purchase more, and you’ll get to give back too.

There are always ways to make the beginning of the holidays successful for your business, no matter when you start (though sooner is always better!) How are you planning for Black Friday/Cyber Monday marketing? Let us know at!