Create Compelling Calls to Action for Your Print on Demand Store

by Gooten Editorial Team on May 13, 2022

Today’s online consumers are inundated with information. At times, they may be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content coming their way, from videos to images to text, all promising the solution to some pressing problem. Amidst all the noise, consumers may not know where to turn next in their journey.

So, what’s the solution? Well, part of it is for e-commerce retailers and content creators to provide real clarity about the consumer journey. For print on demand businesses, that means providing clear and concise calls to action (CTAs), informing consumers about how to proceed toward the products or solutions they seek.

What is a CTA?

Simply put, a CTA is a short bit of text, or perhaps even a graphic, that advises consumers on what to do next. It is, just as the name suggests, an invitation for consumers to take an action step, whether that means buying a product, signing up for a newsletter, sharing content to social media, or something else.

A good CTA benefits the consumer and the print on demand business alike. For the former, it serves as a kind of signpost, clarifying where to head next on the consumer journey. For the latter, it serves to boost conversions. But for any of this to happen, it’s critical for print on demand companies to craft really effective and compelling CTA content. And that’s not always easy!

E-commerce Tips: Writing Effective CTAs

As you think about writing good CTAs that help boost conversions for your on demand apparel, here are a few tips we’d recommend.

  • Make sure people can see it. You don’t want your CTA to be so subtle that people miss it, nor so large that it engulfs the entire page. Ideally, you’ll have CTA buttons that are a bit larger than all the other buttons on the page, clearly standing out and making it easy for readers to spot them. Also keep in mind that the colors and fonts you choose for your CTAs should command attention, without being too garish.
  • Provide clear messaging. Good CTAs are succinct, usually no more than a few words. With that said, it’s important that you clearly convey what steps you want your reader to take next. Try to include some good, effective verbs, directing your consumer to take the appropriate action.
  • Place your CTAs judiciously. Something else to consider is the placement of your CTAs on the page. Notice that we said CTAs plural, as many print on demand apparel stores will have multiple CTAs on each page. Really, this just goes back to what we said about making your CTAs noticeable, ensuring that your shoppers can easily find the CTA button without having to do a bunch of scrolling.
  • Convey benefits. While you want your CTA messaging to be concise and to-the-point, you can still find a way to entice readers with a reminder of key features of benefits. For instance, consider this CTA: “Order Custom Apparel Today and Get FREE Shipping.” Not only does this CTA remind the reader of your free shipping policy, but also of the fact that the items they order can be customized.
  • Surround your CTA with other key information. Since your CTA is designed to be prominent and highly noticeable, it’s a good place to provide other key pieces of information. For example, you might decide to surround your CTA with a size guide, shipping notes, refund policies, etc.
  • Make mobile-friendly CTAs. Finally, just keep in mind that many of your print on demand shoppers will be coming to you via mobile device. Ensure responsive CTA design that looks good no matter the device, the browser, or the size of the screen.

Get More E-commerce Tips from Gooten

Knowing how to structure a good CTA is an invaluable skill for any print on demand seller. But it’s not the only thing you’ll need to know in order to boost conversions and enjoy print on demand success. For additional insights and tips, browse the Gooten blog! We love equipping our print on demand partners with the tools they need for success.