Gooten’s Growing Pillow Assortment

by Gooten Editorial Team on May 1, 2024

Who doesn’t love a nice, comfy pillow? Whether it’s an accent piece for an outdoor living area or a decorative flourish for your living room sofa, pillows can emanate coziness and warmth. “Pillows offer an inexpensive and effortless way to decorate, welcoming in a new season as well as showcase your passions or interests!   Decorative pillows are the perfect canvases for original prints and designs, which is why so many sellers have added pillows to their print on demand stores.

At Gooten, we’re constantly expanding our home decor catalog to keep up with current trends.  As pillows can come in all shapes, sizes and materials – we are proud to offer you one of the most extensive pillow collections in on-demand.  Many home decor brands supplement their assortment with on-demand pillows and customers are none the wiser that they were made on demand!

Gooten's Assortment of Custom Pillows

Tufted Floor Pillows

Available in multiple shapes and sizes, our tufted floor pillows are the perfect addition to your e-commerce store, especially if you’re already deep into the home decor space.

With elegant white stitching at the center, our tufted floor pillows are sewn shut with their own filling, making them durable, comfortable, and plush. They can be augmented with custom artwork, favorite quotes, or other stylistic flourishes. And when placed in a room, they add both a pop of color and some great, casual seating options.Take a look at our tufted floor pillows, and consider adding them to your existing home decor lineup.

Woven Pillows

The Gooten catalog also boasts woven pillows, expertly crafted to extend warmth and style to any home living area.

Our decorative pillows are carefully woven with a blend of cotton and polyester yarns, providing them with a luxurious feel. They come with a double-sided design, which not only makes them versatile, but also provides a great opportunity for custom prints. Also note that, with Gooten’s advanced production methods, we can accommodate some truly intricate design work.

We’re thrilled to have woven pillows in our catalog. Take a look at these excellent options today.

Outdoor Pillows

We’re also pleased to provide pillows that can be used in outdoor living spaces. Our outdoor pillows are made with a spun poly cover, which helps keep them durable no matter the weather. They are resistant to mold and mildew, and they also come with UV protection that keeps them from fading.

Our outdoor pillows come in three types:

  • A stuffed pillow without any zipper
  • A zipped pillow (cover only)
  • Complete pillow with a hidden zip at the bottom

We’re pumped about having these outdoor pillows in our collection. Check them out now!

Throw Pillows

Our customizable throw pillows allow you to print custom artwork from front to back and from edge to edge.

We offer these high-quality pillows in a variety of looks: Cotton Twill, Poly Twill, Spun Poly, Suede, and Linen. And you can choose from a zipper-free option, a hidden zip, or simply a cover that you can fill on your own.

These throw pillows are super-soft, to say nothing of stylish, and they make an excellent addition to any home decor catalog. Take a look at the throw pillow options from Gooten today.

Body Pillows

Gooten’s growing pillow assortment even has room for print on demand body pillows! These pillows embody the very essence of night-time comfort and restorative sleep, and are meticulously crafted from high-quality microfiber. A concealed zipped ensures a streamlined appearance, and also means you can easily slip off the case to wash it.

Our state-of-the-art printing methods allow you to turn these body pillows into incredible canvases for original prints and design, and to offer your customers a home decor item that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Take a moment to browse our body pillows, and consider adding them to your e-commerce store.

For Print on Demand Pillows & Bedding, Choose Gooten

At Gooten, we’re pleased to provide an ever-expanding lineup of print on demand products that encompass every major category, including bedding and home decor. We’re particularly proud of our growing assortment of pillows. Take a look at the full catalog today, and with any questions about print on demand fulfillment, reach out to Gooten directly.