Gooten Integrates with Customily for Enhanced Customization

by Gooten Editorial Team on Jun. 3, 2024

Gooten x Customily

About Customily

Customily offers a complete set of tools to create any kind of personalization to your print-on-demand product offerings. From straightforward designs to complex ones with conditional logic, price increases, and bundles.

Customily offers text personalization, clipart options, image and vector upload, and map personalization. Their sophisticated design capabilities offer businesses the opportunity to remove image backgrounds with AI, cartoonize or apply image filters, or apply realistic textures. 

How does it work?

If you’re ready to start taking advantage of this incredible partnership, just follow these simple steps!

  • Install Gooten through your Shopify app store.
  • Install Customily through your Shopify store (or subscribe here if you’re selling on Etsy)
  • Once in the Customily App, go to Store / Settings / Integrations tab.
  • Select Gooten and click on Enable Integration.
  • Scroll down and copy the corresponding API Key (you will find it in your Gooten’s dashboard)
  • Save Settings
  • Now go back to Customily 2.0 (START BUTTON ON THE LEFT MENU)
  • Choose Gooten as your POD provider! 
  • Pick a product from Gooten’s catalog.
  • Pick a design from Customily’s library (or create your own first)
  • Edit the product (if needed).
  • Publish it and Start selling!
  • Once a customer makes a purchase, the order will be automatically sent to Gooten for fulfillment.

Customily also put together this great demo video that takes you through the setup process step by step, you can check it out here.

Important Details for Gooten Partners

Please note:
  • products already listed on Gooten cannot be customized retroactively.
  • this integration does not affect products already listed through Gooten
  • in order to lever Customily’s features, partners will need connect Customily to their Gooten store and add the products through Customily
  • Gooten’s partner support team has compiled a guide to simplify your Customily integration with Gooten. Access it here.
This feature is available for Shopify and Etsy sellers, If you already have a store on Shopify, install Customily and enjoy a 9-day free trial here.

Which Gooten products are available through Customily?


Gooten’s partner support team has compiled a guide to simplify your Customily integration with Gooten. Access it here.

If you’re looking for resources to better understand Customily and how to best make use of their technology, you can check their YouTube channel which has tons of videos and webinars demonstrating the capabilities of Customily.  (

Customily help center:

Support Channels:

  • Live chat in the app during EST and Vietnam business hours (Monday to Friday)

Or you can reach out to Gooten’s customer support through