Discover the Gooten Standard

by Gooten Editorial Team on Jul. 23, 2021

As a trusted print on demand company, Gooten abides by the highest standards of excellence. Simply put, we want to ensure we get every detail right for our customers, from the moment they create a product to the moment the product arrives at their doorstep.

As such, we’re extremely proud of the fact that we have a ~98 percent error-free rate, an extremely high score compared with our competitors in the print on demand manufacturing industry. And that amazing track record isn’t by chance. It’s come about through the strategic implementation of what we call the Gooten Standard.

We wrote an entire eBook detailing what this standard entails, and invite you to check it out at your leisure. In the meantime, allow us to condense a few of the key points about Gooten’s approach to quality control.

The Gooten Standard at a Glance

When we talk about the Gooten Standard, exactly what are we talking about? Well, we’re talking about a rigorous and integrative approach to quality control, one that enables us to maintain excellence across our catalog of 150+ print on demand products.

We maintain the Gooten Standard by being intentional about each step of our manufacturing process. For example:


  • We hand-select our manufacturing partners.
  • We source and inspect every product in our catalog.
  • We stay up-to-date with the latest print on demand techniques and technologies.


Our goal is not just to ensure consistent quality across our vast catalog, but to maintain consistent quality in every order. Our quality control processes are intended to manage the variances that arise from one category to the next (e.g., variances between T-shirt orders and drinkware orders). And, our quality control measures also help us deliver products as expediently and as cost-effectively as possible.

That, in a nutshell, is what the Gooten Standard is all about.

Quick Facts About Gooten

To illustrate the efficacy of the Gooten Standard, we want to share some statistics, all of them capturing the state of affairs in 2020. This is an important note because, of course, 2020 was a year of such disruption, including supply chain interruptions and delayed shipments across the world. At Gooten, however, we were still able to manufacture and ship more than two million orders, at the peak of the pandemic. And, our production and shipping error rate was just 1.7 percent… again, an incredibly proud feat for us, especially given the duress of COVID-19.

Some additional facts and figures:


  • We currently boast more than 40 manufacturing partners.
  • We have more than 70 global facilities.
  • Our on-time shipping rate exceeds 95 percent.
  • Again, our error-free rate is around 98 percent.


We are so proud of these stats, and what they say about the power of the Gooten Standard. And remember, you can dive deeper into all of these figures by downloading our eBook!

The Future of Gooten

Another important point about the Gooten Standard is that we are always looking for opportunities to expand our manufacturing network so that we can deliver even better results for our customers. For example, by expanding our manufacturer network, we hope to:

  • Increase our capacity, boosting our ability to deliver products during peak seasons.
  • Source new products, expanding beyond our already robust 130+ product catalog.
  • Add product redundancies, a safeguard against disruptions to the supply chain.

Even as we look to the future, we remain committed to the processes that have helped us uphold such consistent quality standards for so long, including a full, multi-step quality control process. Again, you can learn all about that by checking out our Gooten Standard eBook, which is available as a free download.

Find Out More About Our Approach to Print on Demand Manufacturing

The bottom line: Gooten is one of the most trusted print on demand companies, and that’s largely because of our commitment to quality. We are incredibly proud to provide customers with such a wide range of options, all of them available with fast shipping and high error-free rates.

We’d love to tell you all about our approach to print on demand quality control, which is exactly why we developed an eBook about the Gooten Standard. Take just a moment to download that eBook at your next opportunity.