Earth Day 2023: Equip Your Store with Eco-Friendly Gifts

by Gooten Editorial Team on Apr. 20, 2023

Earth Day provides a unique opportunity to celebrate our beautiful planet every year. It might surprise you to learn just how widely-observed this holiday really is. It’s estimated that about a billion people actively participate in Earth Day yearly, which amounts to 15% of the global population. To put it differently, Earth Day is by far the biggest non-religious celebration in the world.

Naturally, that presents some opportunities for your print on demand store, particularly with rising consumer preference for green, sustainable, and eco-friendly products. Your print on demand store can capture some of this Earth Day spirit, and tap into a massive demographic of celebrants, both by offering the right products and by including the right messaging.

Those who have followed Gooten print on demand services for a while now will know that this is hardly new ground for us. On the contrary, we’ve long advocated for green business growth and sustainable product options.

So, what’s the best way for your print on demand store to stand out on Earth Day 2023? We’ll leave the eco-friendly, Earth-conscious messaging to you and your creative team. In this post, we want to highlight some of the eco-friendly and sustainable products you can find in the Gooten catalog.

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Earth Day 2023

We want to shine the spotlight on three product categories worth considering for your print on demand store: 

  1. Game-changing new eco-friendly products from Gooten.
  2. Proven classics from the Gooten print on demand catalog.
  3. A few products that aren’t strictly considered to be eco-friendly but can still help you get your Earth Day messaging across.

Game-Changing New Releases

Gooten is thrilled to unveil branded eco-friendly apparel just in time for Earth Day!

  • Unisex Eco Crew Neck Tee – Looking for a T-shirt that perfectly combines comfort and sustainability? Add your original artwork or design to the Unisex Eco Crew Neck Tee. This high-quality, organic cotton blend T-shirt boasts a ribbed collar, hemmed sleeves, and tearaway label for maximum comfort and a classic look.
  • Unisex Eco Powerblend Crewneck Sweatshirt and Unisex Eco Pullover Hoodie – We also offer comfortable warm-weather options, including a sustainably-made sweatshirt and a pullover hoodie. Both boast high-quality materials and classic aesthetics, making them well-suited for inclusion in any print on demand store.

Gooten’s Trusted Classics

In addition to these new releases, we also have some tried-and-true options for excellent eco-friendly gifts. Consider these Gooten staples for your Earth Day 2023 offering:

  • Unisex Heavy Blend Full-Zip Hoodie – This classic fit, heavy blend zip-up hoodie is ideal for cozy days at home. It’s made from 100% organic, sustainably harvested cotton.
  • Bio Phone Cases – Constructed with biodegradable polymers and bamboo fibers, this phone case is made without any plastics, making it an excellent option for any eco-friendly gift collection.
  • Scented Candles – With a reusable glass container and long burn time, Gooten’s eco-friendly candles come in several appealing scents.

Additional Products to Consider

Lastly, while these products are not explicitly described as eco-friendly, they are convenient for limited marketing campaigns, including Earth Day campaigns. They’re suitable for artwork that includes seasonal messaging, thought-provoking imagery, or even pop-culture references (think eco-aware memes, quotes, etc.).

  • Magnets – Our magnets effortlessly add a personal touch to any office, dorm room, or home.
  • Accent Mugs – Our mugs’ simple white background will act as a perfect base for your design or Earth Day 2023 artwork.
  • Premium Art Prints – Our framed prints provide an excellent way to showcase images of natural beauty, making them ideal for an Earth Day gift catalog.

Keep Up with the Latest eCommerce Trends

For print on demand sellers, Earth Day makes for an invaluable opportunity to highlight your sustainability efforts while presenting seasonally specific messaging.

We’re here to help you celebrate Earth Day with our full lineup of Gooten print on demand options, encompassing new releases and classics alike. To find out more about ways you can participate in Earth Day 2023, and capitalize on other important eCommerce trends, don’t hesitate to contact the Gooten team directly.