Etsy Owners Holiday Guide

by Gooten Editorial Team on Nov. 4, 2021

For Etsy store owners, the holiday shopping season can be rich with opportunity. It can also be a little hectic, with big spikes in interest, an uptick in competition, and a glut of last-minute shoppers. With this year’s predicted labor and material shortages, the holiday shopping season could be more tumultuous than ever, making it crucial to start planning now.

There are a number of ways to lay the foundations for a successful holiday season, and to ensure that your Etsy print on demand operation runs as smoothly as possible. Here are some guidelines from the Gooten team.

Preparing Your Etsy Print on Demand Store

Our tips for navigating the holiday shopping season include:

  • Be mindful of important dates. Do you have Black Friday marked on your calendar? How about Cyber Monday? Before you do anything else, take a few minutes to size up the remainder of the year, and to get a good sense of just how much time is left for planning and preparation.
  • Set a goal. We’re big believers in goal setting, which can help you set expectations for your print on demand business that are both reasonable yet still aspirational. Start by taking stock of last year’s holiday sales numbers, then consider how much you think you can build on that success.
  • Assess your inventory. How many items are you currently offering in your print on demand Etsy shop? Do you feel like you have sufficient inventory? Do you think your product listings are too numerous or overwhelming? Should you incorporate some holiday-specific or seasonal items? These are all important questions to ask as you plan for a successful season with your print on demand Etsy business.
  • Start making. If you do feel like you need some fresh items, or some season-specific items, then now is the time to start designing!
  • Review and optimize your listings. Success will depend on high-quality designs and a robust print on demand partnership, but also on the quality of your actual Etsy shop. Take some time to review your listings, and to look at them from a customer’s point of view. Are the product titles and descriptions genuinely helpful? Are there any common questions or inquiries that your listings should address? Are your current product descriptions useful for customers who are searching Etsy for something particular? Even if you think your listings are pretty good, it’s never a bad thing to refresh them a bit.
  • Tap into other marketing channels. Keep in mind that you can’t just sit back and hope for shoppers to find you via Etsy searches. On the contrary, now is the time to ramp up a multi-channel marketing effort. Start alerting your social media followers to upcoming sales and promos. Use your email list to build some buzz. Let people know that, given the expected disruptions of the holiday shopping season, they may wish to begin browsing and making purchases today.
  • Set expectations throughout the process. This year, many print on demand Etsy store owners will experience delays with shipping, or even with obtaining certain products. The last thing you want is for your customers to get caught off-guard by this, so make sure you’re clear when setting expectations throughout the customer journey. Let everyone know, before they get to the checkout page, about any potential shipping delays, the expected timeline, etc.
  • Clarify your policies. Even with the most efficiently run Etsy store, you’re going to have the occasional request for a refund or a product replacement. Be sure you review, update, and clarify your policies before the holiday rush begins in earnest.
  • Ensure the right partner. Finally, make sure you’re working with a print on demand partner that can provide high standards of quality and reliability, even during an unpredictable season. Here at Gooten, we’re happy to talk with you about any of your Etsy print on demand needs.

Start Planning for Print on Demand Etsy Success

As the holiday shopping season approaches, there’s plenty that you can do to lay the groundwork for a smooth and successful season. Remember, having the right print on demand partner is key. Gooten is well known for its reliability, speed and affordability. If you have any questions, contact our team!