Father’s Day 2023: Universally Loved Gifts for Dads

by Gooten Editorial Team on May 18, 2023

Father’s Day 2023 is rapidly approaching—June 18th, to be exact—so the time to start brainstorming gifts is now. What do you get for the dad who has everything? Surely not just an ordinary mass-produced necktie! Instead, custom accessories and apparel provide great options for your customers to make their dads feel truly special.

Share of consumers celebrating Father's Day in 2022
Share of consumers celebrating Father's Day in 2022—© Statista 2023

Gooten’s print on demand catalog offers countless gift options, including many items that proved to be universally popular among dads. So, if you own a print on demand shop and want to take full advantage of this upcoming holiday, we suggest stocking your store with dad-friendly favorites today.

Here are a few of our top recommendations for Father’s Day 2023.

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Gooten Print on Demand Gifts for Father’s Day 2023

New Branded & Premium Apparel

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Gooten Print on Demand Gifts for Father’s Day 2023

Button-Up Polo Shirts

One standout choice that combines style, versatility, and comfort is Gooten’s Men’s Poly Buttoned Polo.

This premium garment is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, using a high-quality polyester fabric that ensures both durability and a sleek appearance.

The buttoned design of the polo allows for easy adjustability, making it suitable for various occasions, from casual outings to semi-formal events.

By offering this sophisticated and comfortable polo, you’ll provide your customers with an ideal Father’s Day gift option that will surely make their dads feel appreciated and stylish.

Windbreaker Jackets

A lot of dads are heavily into the outdoors, whether that’s hiking, fishing, early morning jogs, or simply being in nature.

Windbreakers are perfect for the active and outdoorsy dad, offering a lightweight covering that’s well-suited for any kind of weather conditions.

Soft to the touch, water-resistant, and versatile, this lightweight hooded windbreaker is both stylish and multifunctional. It’s available with three distinct printing locations.

Ultra Cotton Crew Neck Long Sleeve Tees

Enter Gooten’s Gildan 2400 Long-Sleeve Tee—a timeless and versatile choice that will make any dad feel special.

Crafted with the utmost care and using high-quality cotton, this long-sleeve tee offers a comfortable fit and exceptional durability.

Its classic design and wide range of color options (21) allow dads to express their individuality effortlessly.

Heavy Blend Pullover & Full-Zip Hoodies

The Gildan 18500 hoodie boasts a classic pullover design, while the Gildan 18600 features a convenient zip-up front.

Both styles come in a trendy palette of colors, allowing dads to showcase their personal tastes.

Whether for dads who enjoy a weekend adventure or those who simply like to relax at home, these hoodies provide the ideal blend of fashion and functionality.

Custom Headwear

Father’s Day is the perfect occasion for your customers to refresh their fathers’ headwear collection, and Gooten has just what they need.

As an eCommerce merchant partner, you can offer a wide range of custom caps from our product catalog.

From the classic dad cap’s relaxed and casual look to the trendy snapbacks that add a touch of urban flair, Gooten’s headwear collection has what your store needs.

This Father’s Day, let Gooten’s customizable headwear be the perfect gift your customers’ dads will appreciate and proudly wear.


Okay, okay—we made a joke about ties.

A custom necktie can be a lovely way of celebrating the old man.

This is especially true if pop regularly dresses formally for work, church, or social events. We’re happy to offer your store top-notch print on demand neckties from an industry expert that your customers will adore.

All-Over Print Socks

AOP, or all-over print, is perfect for festive or celebratory socks. 

Our All-Over Print Socks are comfortable, extra soft, and stretchy, with reinforced heels and toes. 

Take a look at our catalog and consider adding this stylish item to your store for Father’s Day 2023.

Folded and Flat Cards

Custom cards are an excellent option for customers to extend their love to an out-of-town dad or for packaging a thoughtful gift card.

At Gooten, we provide folded and flat cards with plenty of opportunities for customization.

A great addition you can’t go wrong with to any print on demand store!

Cater to Dads of Any Generation

Leverage our research to efficiently target Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomer consumers this Father's Day.

Gamer Mousepads

Many dads like to unwind with online gaming.

For these dads, a gamer-specific mousepad, complete with a custom design, can be an epic gift.

We especially recommend these mousepads for print on demand stores targeting gamer or “geek” niches.

View our Gamer Mousepads in the Gooten catalog.

Viking Tumblers

Gooten’s Viking Tumblers are expertly designed with double-wall insulated stainless steel, ensuring long-lasting temperature retention for hot or cold beverages.

It’s a practical gift for a dad who enjoys his morning coffee on a camping trip or sipping a refreshing drink at a backyard BBQ.

With their sleek and rugged design, Gooten’s Viking Tumblers are built to withstand any adventure, just like the dads who inspire us.

Offered in five distinct color options.


Gooten’s aprons are the ideal Father’s Day gift choice for dads who love to cook, bake, and create delicious masterpieces.

Crafted with sturdy poly twill, these aprons offer durability and protection for any culinary adventure.

With adjustable neck straps and spacious pockets, these aprons offer both comfort and convenience.

More Father's Day 2023 products!

Check out additional ideas for Father's Day gifts we've prepared for your print on demand store.
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Get Ready for Father’s Day 2023

Father’s Day is a big shopping day; folks are already browsing for custom gift ideas. Is your eCommerce store ready for the shopping rush? Make sure you’ve got a good collection of dad-approved gifts from the Gooten print on demand catalog prepared to launch.

We’d be happy to chat with you if you have any questions about these products or partnering with Gooten for print on demand fulfillment. Reach out to our team anytime.