Find Success with The Gooten 7

by Gooten Editorial Team on Sep. 23, 2021

As a leading print-on-demand manufacturing company, Gooten is your best-kept secret for optimizing your eCommerce supply chain. We do it through a process that we like to call The Gooten 7: A comprehensive plan to outsource your supply chain and receive consistently excellent on-time results.

You can learn all about this comprehensive strategy in a free eBook, called Unlock eCommerce Success with the Power of Gooten. Before you download, we’re happy to give you a quick preview.

Here’s an overview of the simple steps involved in the Gooten 7.

1. Talk with a dedicated Solution Consultant.

At Gooten, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. That’s why we always encourage customers to spend some time chatting with our Solution Consultants, who will ask questions to gain a better understanding of your business’ needs, pain points, and goals. We’ll then help you craft a plan to deliver optimal results.

2. Allow us to source solutions.

What kinds of products do you wish to bring to market? Whether it’s T-shirts or wall posters, we’ll spend some time sourcing the right products from the right partners, ensuring consistent levels of quality while also keeping the price point as affordable as can be. We’ll also provide plenty of flexibility by sourcing multiple product partners from different geographic locations.

3. Access a global supply chain through a single API touchpoint.

By partnering with Gooten, you will instantly gain access to 45+ hand-selected manufacturers in 65+ locations via a single API touchpoint. This API can be seamlessly integrated with every manufacturer, which means your orders can be submitted more quickly and with greater accuracy. And if you have a specific manufacturer you want to work with, that’s fine by us: We can partner with them to handle orders, even if they are not currently a part of the Gooten network.

4. Activate your go-to-market strategy or fulfillment transition plan.

At this point, you’re just about ready to launch! Gooten’s Operations, Technology, Finance, and Partner Success teams will collaborate with your business to develop forecasts, secure capacity, validate samples, place test orders, ensure pricing accuracy, and perform quality control audits, all with the intention of establishing a strong partnership that prepares you for success.


5. Enjoy consistent, on-demand manufacturing.

Once you’ve launched, you’ll reap the benefits of working with Gooten, one of the leading names in print-on-demand manufacturing.

That means you’ll experience the perks of our order management and decisioning engines, which route orders to the manufacturer closest to the end customer, ensuring efficiency at each step of the process. And of course, you and your end customers will appreciate the 95 percent ship-on-time rate, which cuts down on shipping costs and optimizes customer satisfaction.

6. Benefit from unified invoicing and responsive billing support.

When you work with Gooten, you’ll also get to work closely with our Finance team… and really, they’re the unsung heroes of the operation. They review and reconcile every single invoice, ensuring that if manufacturers make any costly billing errors, those errors are dealt with on our end, before they reach your business. And unified invoicing makes it incredibly easy to monitor your company’s cash flow.

7. Get support whenever you need it.

The final step in the Gooten 7? Service and support, available whenever you need it most. Issues and variances are inevitable in the on-demand manufacturing space due to the one-off nature of the process; our team is prepared to step in and resolve these problems quickly and efficiently, no matter how great or how small the problem may be. We hope this offers total peace of mind as you partner with Gooten for your print on demand manufacturing needs.

Learn more about The Gooten 7

We’ve given an overview, but there’s plenty more to learn about the unique benefits of working with Gooten. The next step? Download our eBook to get a more in-depth look at the Gooten process. It’s available now, completely free of charge.

Take a look, and if you have any additional questions about our print on demand manufacturing services, we’d love to answer them. Reach out to Gooten at any time.