Most Frequently Asked Support Questions

8 Frequently Asked Support Questions [+Tips on How to Get Faster Answers]

by Gooten Editorial Team on Jun. 20, 2023

At Gooten, we prioritize delivering top-notch support to our valued merchant partners so you can do the same for your wonderful customers.

And since navigating the tumultuous waters of eCommerce comes with its own challenges, we have gathered a band of heroes ready to assist with any Gooten-related matter that causes you a headache or sparks your curiosity.

We call this wonderful group our stellar Partner Support Team.

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We recently sat down with our teammates to discuss how to ensure a more seamless customer service experience for our clients. 

That is when we started talking about the most frequently asked support questions our Partner Support Team receives regularly. 

Whether you’re a new merchant or a seasoned pro, these eight questions cover topics commonly arising during your Gooten print on demand journey—from inquiries about order processing and shipping times to questions about store integrations and platform features.

Let’s dive into these FAQs and equip you with tips that will ensure a smooth print on demand experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions from Gooten Partner

No magical cure exists to eternally thwart all order issues in any manufacturing industry, let alone in print on demand where products are custom-made.

Still, as the old proverb goes, forewarned is forearmed.

The more information you wield about possible twists and turns you can encounter as a PoD merchant working with Gooten, including our processes and policies, the fewer the chances you’ll be caught off-guard and rendered powerless to fix or prevent those issues.

Gooten’s Hot Support Ticket Topics

How Can I Create My Gooten Account?

Simply click the Contact Sales button in the upper-right corner of our homepage to get started! 

Make sure to fill out the form thoroughly and accurately so that we can provide you with the best possible solution for your business.

What Are Gooten’s Average Turnaround Times?

Well, we’re glad you asked!

Every product category in our catalog possesses an estimated average production timeframe. 

Bear in mind—we do not consider these estimated deadlines

This is one of the most common misconceptions about our production SLAs. 

To clarify things, we’ve created a timeline overview board that can instantly point you in the right direction about the products in your order.

Current Production & Shipping Times

Follow this page for the latest updates on our production and shipping times.

You may have noticed we provide production estimates on the admin orders page as well. 

Type in “Ship Date” using a Ctrl+F Find command, and it’ll appear. 

The time range shown represents an estimate, not a guaranteed shipping date.

As for the shipping timeframes, they, too, are displayed on our KB page “Current Production & Shipping Times” under the section “Shipping Transit Times.” 

It’s important to account for these timeframes as we will only consider a package lost if it’s not delivered before its prescribed timeframe expiration date.

How Can I Connect My Store?

Store integration can initially seem overwhelming, but with our intuitive, seamless integration processes, connecting your Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce store is done relatively quickly and without many impasses. 

However, if you encounter an obstacle, our troubleshooting guidelines will lead the way.

We encourage you to test out all the offered solutions before contacting our support team but rest assured, they are always there if you need help.

What Is My Order’s Status in Production/Transit?

Orders sent to production are marked with an InProduction status tag in our admin. 

The appropriate status will follow once the order is shipped out (Shipped).

A complete overview of different order statuses is available in our Knowledge Base regarding shipping issues that may occasionally occur. 

In the boards we’ve created, you will find explanations for such statuses as ShippingIssues and OutForDelivery.

Order Statuses

A list of various statuses you may encounter while viewing your orders in the Gooten Admin.

If you notice your customer’s order has yet to be marked as delivered by our system, even though it breached the prescribed transit timeframe, first check with your customer if they received the package, as carriers sometimes fail to update tracking links properly. 

If not, please contact our support team for more help.

To check out tracking links, here are a few universal parcel tracking tools that can be of use:

What Does ‘VendorAPIIssue’ Status Mean and How Can We Fix It?

VendorAPIIssue status alerts us that the order has a problem preventing the manufacturer’s system from accepting it.

Usually, these problems are related to the shipping address, incorrect image specifications, lack of a back image for two-sided products, unavailable shipping method, or product availability that is yet to reflect in our backend.

We’ve envisioned these processes as a system of checks and balances to ensure our partners’ orders go into production 100% up to your expectations and without any errors.

When you notice your order is stuck in this status, ask our Partner Support to help you fix and resubmit it to production.

Can I Cancel My Order?

Canceling an order before it is sent to production is doable through the Gooten Admin. 

We’ve prepared detailed instructions on how to do so.

Orders already sent to production are out of our platform’s reach, as they’re now being processed by the manufacturer’s fulfillment system. 

The aim is to start working on your order as soon as the facility receives the order detail to ensure the best possible customer experience for everyone.

Cancellation and order update requests can disrupt and slow the production process and prolong the turnaround time. 

Helpful tip: We suggest you set up the appropriate pending time for your orders in your account’s settings, giving you the leeway to make any last-minute changes in pre-production. 

Check how you can do that in the “Set up pending time for orders” section in our KB article.

Product & Order Support Policies

Gooten's partner support policies, including reprints, refunds, returned orders, and in-production order detail changes are laid out in our main policies page.

Can I Change My Order’s Shipping Address/Carrier Method?

The shipping address and method can be changed through the Gooten Admin for any order that is yet to be sent to production. 

Our “Cancel or Change an Order” guidelines explain how you can go about this.

Cancel or Change an Order

Find out how you can adjust your order's shipping address and carrier method while it's still in pre-production in our comprehensive guide.

Why Is My Order Marked as ‘Returned’ by the Carrier?

When there’s an address issue with an order (incorrect or incomplete information; no one to accept the package), the carrier will return the order to the shipper.

Helpful tip: To avoid potential delivery hurdles, make sure the shipping address is correct and includes all the relevant information, such as house/apartment number, recipient’s first and last name, zip code, and recipient’s phone number in case the carrier needs to give them a heads-up.

When double-checking the recipient’s address, the SmartyStreets app can be a helpful validation tool for domestic shipments.

Learn more about what to do in such scenarios in our Knowledge Base article dedicated to returned shipments.


Your complete guide on handling returned orders.
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Partner-Oriented Mission of Gooten's Print on Demand Services

Our commitment to exceptional partner support extends beyond merely resolving issues; it involves empowering you with the knowledge and guidance you need to successfully navigate the PoD landscape while building and growing your brand. 

We strive to streamline the support processes, reduce response times, and enhance the overall customer experience by addressing these common support questions. 

You can count on us to continue providing exceptional support and fulfillment management as we improve our technical and operational capabilities.

Does partnering with Gooten sound like the right move for your eCommerce business? 

Are you ready to try out the Gooten print on demand model? 

Contact us today and get the conversation started.