Get Inspired by These Flat and Folded Card Ideas

by Gooten Editorial Team on Feb. 23, 2023

You’re out running errands one day, your mind wandering as you navigate rush hour traffic. A song comes on your playlist, and something about it sparks an old memory of a college friend, someone you haven’t seen or spoken with in years. You’d love to reach out and simply let them know you’re thinking about them. The question is how.

Facebook messages can be convenient but may also feel a little too easy. A better bet may be to send a handwritten note. For that, you’ll need your own inventory of cards, complete with stylish and original designs.

The scenario we’ve outlined here is just one of many situations tailor-made for flat and folded cards. We could list countless others: Thank-you notes, birthdays, the sending of condolences, anniversary wishes, you name it. In fact, flat and folded cards have such great utility that they consistently rank among the top-selling products here at Gooten.

Why Add Cards to Your Print on Demand Store?

That should be reason enough to consider adding custom flat cards and custom folded cards to your print on demand store. But consider also:

  • Custom folded cards and custom flat cards offer limitless possibilities for you to try different designs and images.
  • Relatively inexpensive to manufacture and ship, custom cards typically come with high profit margins.
  • These low-cost items make great “add-ons” for larger orders. They work very well as cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
  • It’s very common to keep cards on hand to send messages or convey wishes, and cards with truly original designs tend to be in demand. That makes them ideal for your print on demand store.


The bottom line: Custom flat and folded cards are a no-brainer. Now the question is, what kinds of custom card designs should you offer?

Get Started with Print on Demand Cards

Here’s a little design inspiration for your custom folded cards and custom flat cards.

  • ●  Go minimalist. Minimalism is almost always in style, and there are a number of ways to take the “less is more” approach on your cards. Consider simple black-and-white color schemes with clean, elegant messaging (“Thank you,” “Thinking of You,” etc.). We’ve also seen many print on demand stores find success with very basic images, such as a single heart against a plain backdrop.

  • ●  Embrace irony. One of our favorite cards that we’ve seen lately simply reads: “Obligatory Father’s Day Card.” Some people will prefer something more sentimental, of course, but the ironic route can definitely win you favor with shoppers who are disinterested in standard greeting card vibes.

  • ●  Be punny. Who doesn’t love a good dad joke? Another card we saw recently had a giant image of a bumble bee, with a simple message: “Bee my valentine.” Depending on your sense of humor, cards like these can bring a real sense of levity to holidays that might otherwise feel stuffy or stale.

  • ●  Keep it natural. Naturalistic imagery is always popular. (You might say that it’s evergreen; sorry, another dad joke!) Simple cards with clean images of trees and greenery can work well for any occasion, whether congratulations, well wishes, or day- to-day correspondence.

How to Make Print on Demand Cards Sell

One of the great things about custom cards is that they provide an ideal way to showcase your original artwork and designs. If you can land on the right design, your cards may essentially sell themselves, especially if you already have plenty of traffic coming to your print on demand store.

However, it’s also important to ensure the right print on demand partner to keep your cards as profitable as can be. Look for a print on demand fulfillment partner who:

    • ●  Automates manufacturing and shipping.

    • ●  Boasts a near-perfect rate of order accuracy and quality.

    • ●  Provides multiple greeting card sizes and types.

    • ●  Offers easy integration with a number of e-commerce platforms.

    • ●  Ensures easy and efficient international shipping, as needed.

Ready to start generating a profit with custom flat cards and custom folded cards? We’d love to tell you more about the print on demand card options we provide here at Gooten. Reach out to us any time you’d like to talk about expanding your print on demand options.