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Attract New Audience with Gooten’s Custom Polyester Shirts

by Gooten Editorial Team on Jun. 22, 2023

When you think of T-shirts, polos, and other custom apparel, you probably think of cotton. 

There’s a reason: Famously soft to the touch, cotton has long been a staple of casual and athleisure wear. 

But there’s more than one way to craft a great shirt, and expanding your options may be an excellent way to grow your audience. 

Enter polyester, a great material that should be included in any print on demand apparel store!

Here at Gooten, we have a couple of new models in the custom polyester shirts department. 

We’d love to tell you about them and explain why they are worth adding to your inventory.

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The Benefits of Custom Polyester Shirts

First things first: Why augment your cotton shirt selection with polyester? This material has a lot going for it.

Consider the following:

  • The fibers used in polyester clothing are very lightweight and durable, offering the perfect balance of comfort and longevity.
  • Polyester is naturally wrinkle-resistant, more so than the typical cotton shirt.
  • Polyester is also known for drying quickly, which means it’s perfect for targeting outdoorsy folks and athletes.
  • Polyester is well-suited for unique custom designs and print on-demand personalization because it easily takes dyes.
  • Custom polyester shirts maintain their shape well, even after many wears and washing.
  • Compared to nylon and other synthetic fabrics, polyester is relatively cost-effective.

For these and many other reasons, we recommend including custom polyester shirts in your print on demand store, even using them to attract an entirely new group of shoppers.

Again, think about outdoor wear: If you’re looking to bring in campers, hikers, anglers, or runners, polyester can be ideal.


Custom Polyester Shirts from Gooten

As you consider expanding your current inventory, consider a couple of the new polyester options we’ve added to the Gooten catalog.

C2 Sport 5900

Whether you’re offering sportswear or office attire, this sharp-looking custom polo is an excellent addition to your print on demand store. 

It’s lightweight, incredibly breathable, and naturally moisture-wicking; it dries fast, resists wrinkles, and is a great option even for those with sensitive skin. 

Men’s Poly Buttoned Polo is a must-have for any custom polo offering!

C2 Sport 5900

Men's Poly Buttoned Polo

C2 Sport 5100

We also offer custom polyester tees, including this bestseller Unisex Poly Crew Neck Tee

A performance-ready T-shirt, this model is naturally moisture-wicking and bacteria-resistant. 

It’s designed to keep your customers comfy during any athletic activity, but it’s also an excellent choice for running errands or lounging around the house. 

In other words, another top-tier shirt that embodies everything great about polyester.

C2 Sport 5100

Unisex Poly Crew Neck Tee
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Enhance Your Print on Demand Success with Custom Polyester Shirts

Successful print on demand merch brands can make a fortune when they choose the right custom apparel offerings; check out this recent case study from one of our proud Gooten partners.

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We’d love to talk with you further about the benefits of adding custom polyester shirts to your store or to discuss the options for a strategic partnership with Gooten. 

Reach out to our team whenever you’re ready to explore print on demand fulfillment options, taking your custom apparel store to the next level.