How to Create Product Mockups (and the Tools We Love)

by Gooten Editorial Team on Jul. 15, 2021

For print on demand companies, product mockups are absolutely crucial… but knowing how to develop them can sometimes be a challenge. Ideally, you’ll have a list of trusted tools you can use as you create product mockups for your print on demand business. And if not, don’t worry; we’re here to provide some recommendations of our own.

What are Product Mockups?

Before we list specific tools, however, it may be helpful to define what product mockups are, and why they are so central for print on demand products.

Basically, a mockup is a digital replica of a specific product, meant to show what that product will look like when it’s in use. For example, if you make print on demand T-shirts, you might wish to create mockups of models wearing your apparel, allowing customers to have a better sense of what your T-shirts look like on the human form. Another example: companies that make print on demand posters may wish to create mockups of picture frames, so that customers can visualize what the posters will look like when hung on a wall.

Mockups matter for print on demand companies because they enable you to advertise your wares in a more appealing way, without having to pay for professional photoshoots. (That is, it’s easier and less expensive to make a mockup of human beings than to actually hire live models.) But again, for print on demand companies to make the most of mockups, it’s important to find the right tools.

Popular Mockup Tools for Print on Demand Products

Here are some of the most popular mockup tools for print on demand products, including both paid and free options.


PlaceIt has long been a popular option among print on demand companies. The site offers a fairly comprehensive mockup collection; whether you’re selling shirts, tote bags, books, or even tech products, you’ll find the graphic resources you need in the PlaceIt library. And the quality of their mockups is incredible, particularly the ones involving human models. If you want your customers to think you actually paid for a real photoshoot, PlaceIt is pretty convincing.

You can choose between monthly or annual subscriptions to gain access to the full mockup library. Either way, you’ll pay less than $20 monthly.


Though Canva is a little bit less comprehensive than PlaceIt, you can still find some useful stuff here as you seek mockups for print on demand products. A Canva Pro account will not only grant you access to lots of picture frame and computer screen mockups, but also some excellent stock images you can use when advertising your print on demand products on social media.

Buy a membership on the yearly plan and you’ll pay less than $10 a month for it.


FreePik has a lot of options to choose from, including mockups, stock images, and beyond. As its name suggests, you can get at least some of your images for free, though you may need to spring for a paid account to access the full library. It’s definitely a tool worth looking into for your print on demand business.

Media Modifier

Media Modifier has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes it incredibly easy to use. You can try it for free to see how it works, though any images you make with the free edition will be watermarked. To lose the watermark and uncover additional features, consider the paid option, for less than $10 monthly.


Finally, the product hub on Gooten boasts a ton of features for your print on demand shop. Of particular note is the Design page, which has plenty of options for optimizing images and presenting your print on demand wares in the most appealing, professional way. You can learn a lot more about Gooten’s mockup and design tools by checking out the Support Center.

Use the Right Tools to Enhance Your Print on Demand Business

Successful print on demand companies cast their products in the best possible light… and the easiest way to do that is by using product mockup tools. Review some of the best options for free and premium tools, and ensure your print on demand business is putting its best foot forward. With any questions, reach out to us today.